H.C.R. No. 25
                              HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
    1-1        WHEREAS, The members of the Texas Legislature are proud to
    1-2  commend the Honorable Bill Sarpalius for his many years of
    1-3  outstanding service to the people of our state; and
    1-4        WHEREAS, A longtime resident of Northwest Texas, this
    1-5  esteemed individual earned a bachelor's degree in agriculture
    1-6  education from Texas Tech University before going on to receive a
    1-7  master's degree in agriculture from West Texas State University;
    1-8  and
    1-9        WHEREAS, He began his exemplary career in public service in
   1-10  1980 when he was elected to represent the citizens of District 31
   1-11  in the Texas Senate; widely respected for his hard work and
   1-12  admirable constituent service, he won reelection to two subsequent
   1-13  terms before retiring from that body in 1989; and
   1-14        WHEREAS, During his tenure in the senate, he provided crucial
   1-15  leadership as chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture
   1-16  and also contributed his expertise as a highly regarded member of
   1-17  the standing committees on Natural Resources, Education, State
   1-18  Affairs, Economic Development, and Human Resources, to name but a
   1-19  few; and
   1-20        WHEREAS,  Deeply committed to public service, he was elected
   1-21  to a seat in the United States Congress in 1988 and earned
   1-22  reelection to two additional terms, thus allowing him to serve the
   1-23  citizens of District 13 with integrity and distinction for the past
   1-24  six years; and
    2-1        WHEREAS, Widely respected for his keen understanding of
    2-2  agricultural concerns, Congressman Sarpalius provided wise and
    2-3  thoughtful guidance as chairman of the house subcommittees on
    2-4  general farm commodities and development of rural enterprises,
    2-5  exports, and environment; he also has contributed valued insight as
    2-6  a respected member of the House Committee on Agriculture and
    2-7  several of its subcommittees, as well as the House Committee on
    2-8  Small Business; and
    2-9        WHEREAS, His congressional career has been marked by many
   2-10  significant accomplishments, especially in the field of
   2-11  agricultural and natural resource issues; he actively worked for
   2-12  the passage of disaster relief legislation, spearheaded efforts to
   2-13  create the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, and was
   2-14  instrumental in securing an interagency agreement that opened
   2-15  almost 7,000 acres of federal land on the Canadian River to outdoor
   2-16  recreational use; and
   2-17        WHEREAS, Congressman Sarpalius also successfully garnered
   2-18  funding for the Red River Basin Chloride Control Project, the Lake
   2-19  Meredith Desalinization Project, and the Lake
   2-20  Wichita/Holliday/McGrath Creek Flood Control Project; in addition,
   2-21  he secured record funding for Sheppard Air Force Base and
   2-22  successfully petitioned for the creation of a National Research
   2-23  Laboratory, which will use facilities at the Pantex Plant near
   2-24  Amarillo to study peaceful uses for plutonium; and
   2-25        WHEREAS, An articulate spokesman for other concerns as well,
   2-26  he led the drive to restore proposed cuts in Medicaid funding and
   2-27  sponsored legislation to repeal provisions that have hampered small
    3-1  businesses; his efforts to assist small business enterprises have
    3-2  enabled such ventures to compete in today's rapidly expanding
    3-3  export market; and
    3-4        WHEREAS, In recognition of his outstanding service to the
    3-5  state and to the nation, Congressman Sarpalius has been honored
    3-6  with numerous prestigious accolades, including the National
    3-7  Security Leadership Award, the Future Farmers of America Achievers
    3-8  Award, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award, the
    3-9  Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Award of Appreciation,
   3-10  and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Special Legislative Award; he
   3-11  has also been honored by the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities
   3-12  as an Outstanding Public Servant; and
   3-13        WHEREAS, In addition to his noteworthy career as a statesman,
   3-14  Congressman Sarpalius is well regarded for his successful career in
   3-15  the agribusiness industry; and
   3-16        WHEREAS, A man of great vision, Congressman Sarpalius has
   3-17  demonstrated exemplary perseverance and dedication in promoting
   3-18  legislation to benefit all Texans throughout his distinguished
   3-19  public career; at this time, it is indeed fitting that the members
   3-20  of the Texas Legislature recognize him for his exceptional and
   3-21  lasting contributions to the people of this state; now, therefore,
   3-22  be it
   3-23        RESOLVED, That the 74th Legislature of the State of Texas,
   3-24  Regular Session, 1995, hereby commend the Honorable Bill Sarpalius
   3-25  for his outstanding career in the Texas Senate and the United
   3-26  States Congress and extend best wishes to him for his continued
   3-27  success and happiness; and, be it further
    4-1        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
    4-2  prepared for him as an expression of high regard by the Texas House
    4-3  of Representatives and Senate.