1-1           WHEREAS, January 27, 1997, marks the 50th birthday of our

 1-2     distinguished colleague, the Honorable Robert Junell, and this

 1-3     significant millstone (excuse me, I meant to say milestone)

 1-4     provides a fitting occasion to review a few of his many

 1-5     achievements; and

 1-6           WHEREAS,  A native of the City of the Sun, "Old El Paso"

 1-7     moved to Lubbock at an early age, and it was while living there

 1-8     that his devoted parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Junell, first began to

 1-9     realize  that their beloved son "Rob" might one day be the perfect

1-10     candidate for military school; and

1-11           WHEREAS, A product of the Lubbock public school system,

1-12     Mr. Junell took the New Mexico Military Institute by storm and went

1-13     on to collect additional diplomas from Texas Tech University, the

1-14     University of Arkansas, and the Texas Tech University School of Law

1-15     before finally settling for the card life had dealt him, winding up

1-16     a lawyer in the thriving metropolis of San Angelo; and

1-17           WHEREAS, Along the way, Mr. Junell did manage to pump a

1-18     little excitement into his life; his colleagues in the house are

1-19     seldom surprised to learn how adept this former college football

1-20     player was at handling a pigskin, having seen him pick up the ball

1-21     and run with it every chance he gets as a member of this chamber;

1-22     and

1-23           WHEREAS, Though widely known as a team player, it is perhaps

1-24     less widely known that Mr. Junell was also a talented rodeo team

 2-1     roper who, together with his partner, Vic Choate, always knew how

 2-2     to cause a sensation and twist a few heads when they entered the

 2-3     rodeo arena; and

 2-4           WHEREAS, Though he claims to have given up roping steers in

 2-5     favor of playing polo, some of his closest friends have privately

 2-6     questioned whether he was forced to give up the rodeo circuit when

 2-7     his head swelled to a size that could no longer accommodate a

 2-8     cowboy hat, based on the glowing accolades he has received as a

 2-9     member of this chamber; and

2-10           WHEREAS, In the last session alone, this respected gentleman

2-11     was honored as the Legislator of the Year by the Texas Municipal

2-12     League, touted as one of the "Top Ten Legislators" by Texas Monthly

2-13     magazine, and named one of the Texas House Crime Fighters of the

2-14     Year by the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas; in

2-15     addition, he was named "Best of the Best in the Texas Legislature"

2-16     by the Dallas Morning News and was also recognized for his

2-17     outstanding achievements by the Texas Civil Justice League, the

2-18     Texas Tech University School of Law, the Children's Trust Fund of

2-19     Texas Council, and the Texas Arts Council; and

2-20           WHEREAS, Now in his fifth term as a member of the house,

2-21     Mr. Junell is also held in high esteem by those inside the

2-22     legislative community, and he presently shares his considerable

2-23     insight and expertise with his fellow legislators as chairman of

2-24     the House Appropriations Committee and as a valued member of the

2-25     Select House Committee on Revenue and Public Education Funding and

2-26     the House General Investigating Committee; and

2-27           WHEREAS, A dedicated family man, Mr. Junell is supported in

 3-1     all his endeavors by his devoted wife and best friend, Beverly, and

 3-2     the Junells are the proud parents of three children, Ryan, Keith

 3-3     Elizabeth, and Clay; and

 3-4           WHEREAS, Though Mr. Junell has hit the big "Five-0," he

 3-5     doesn't appear to have slowed down one bit, and we hope to wring

 3-6     plenty more sessions out of this good guy before we let him ride

 3-7     off into the sunset; now, therefore, be it

 3-8           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 75th Texas

 3-9     Legislature hereby congratulate the Honorable Robert Junell on the

3-10     unavoidable occasion of his 50th birthday and extend warmest best

3-11     wishes to him for continued happiness in the golden years of his

3-12     life; and, be it further

3-13           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be

3-14     prepared for Mr. Junell as a token of commiseration from his many

3-15     friends and colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.


         Laney                   Greenberg                Oliveira

         Alexander               Grusendorf               Park

         Allen                   Gutierrez                Patterson

         Alonzo                  Haggerty                 Pickett

         Alvarado                Hamric                   Pitts

         Averitt                 Harris                   Place

         Bailey                  Hartnett                 Price

         Berlanga                Hawley                   Puente

         Black                   Heflin                   Rabuck

         Bosse                   Hernandez                Ramsay

         Brady                   Hightower                Rangel

         Brimer                  Hilbert                  Raymond

         Carona                  Hilderbran               Reyna

         Carter                  Hill                     Rhodes

         Chisum                  Hirschi                  Rodriguez

         Clemons                 Hochberg                 Romo

         Coleman                 Holzheauser              Rusling

         Combs                   Horn                     Sadler

         Conley                  Howard                   Saunders

         Cook                    Hudson                   Seidlits

         Corte                   Hunter of Taylor         Serna

         Counts                  Hunter of Nueces         Shields

         Crabb                   Jackson                  Siebert

         Craddick                Janek                    Smithee

         Cuellar of Webb         Johnson                  Solis

         Cuellar of Hidalgo      Jones of Lubbock         Solomons

         Culberson               Jones of Dallas          Staples

         Danburg                 Kamel                    Stiles

         Davila                  King                     Swinford

         Davis                   Krusee                   Talton

         De La Garza             Kubiak                   Telford

         Dear                    Kuempel                  Thompson

         Delisi                  Lewis of Tarrant         Tillery

         Denny                   Lewis of Orange          Torres

         Driver                  Longoria                 Turner of Coleman

         Dukes                   Luna                     Turner of Harris

         Duncan                  McCall                   Uher

         Dutton                  McCoulskey               Van de Putte

         Edwards                 McDonald                 Walker

         Ehrhardt                Madden                   West

         Eiland                  Marchant                 Williamson

         Elkins                  Maxey                    Willis

         Farrar                  Moffat                   Wilson

         Finnell                 Moreno                   Wohlgemuth

         Gallego                 Mowery                   Wolens

         Giddings                Munoz                    Woolley

         Glaze                   Naishtat                 Yarbrough

         Goodman                 Nixon                    Yost

         Goolsby                 Oakley                   Zbranek

         Gray                    Ogden


                                                   Speaker of the House

               I certify that H.R. No. 9 was adopted by the House on January

         27, 1997, by a non-record vote.


                                                 Chief Clerk of the House