1-1           WHEREAS, Miguel D. Wise III celebrated his 10th birthday on

 1-2     December 21, 1996, and the members of this chamber are pleased to

 1-3     recognize this occasion; and

 1-4           WHEREAS, In life there are many milestones that we remember

 1-5     as parents, stepping-stones that indicate to us how our children

 1-6     have grown and how with their birth the focal point of our entire

 1-7     existence has been changed forevermore; and

 1-8           WHEREAS, Miguel D. Wise III achieved one such significant

 1-9     marker on the road to adulthood this past year when he celebrated

1-10     his 10th birthday, leaving behind the time when his years could be

1-11     measured in single digits; and

1-12           WHEREAS, This exemplary young Texan's parents, the Honorable

1-13     Miguel "Mike" D. Wise and Erin Duffy Wise, have taken great pride

1-14     and delight in his many accomplishments, and he has enjoyed a

1-15     loving and supportive family life that includes the companionship

1-16     of his two brothers, Mark Riborg Wise and Zachary August Wise; and

1-17           WHEREAS, Miguel D. Wise III is a highly motivated young man

1-18     who has earned the respect and admiration of his teachers,

1-19     classmates, friends, and family, and he is well on the way to

1-20     playing a vital role in the continued success of the Lone Star

1-21     State; now, therefore, be it

1-22           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 75th Texas

1-23     Legislature hereby congratulate Miguel D. Wise III on the occasion

1-24     of his 10th birthday and extend to him sincere best wishes for

 2-1     continued happiness and good fortune in the years to come; and, be

 2-2     it further

 2-3           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be

 2-4     prepared for Miguel D. Wise III as an expression of high regard by

 2-5     the Texas House of Representatives.


         Laney                   Gutierrez                Oliveira

         Alexander               Haggerty                 Olivo

         Allen                   Hamric                   Palmer

         Alvarado                Hartnett                 Patterson

         Averitt                 Hawley                   Pickett

         Bailey                  Heflin                   Pitts

         Berlanga                Hernandez                Place

         Bonnen                  Hightower                Price

         Bosse                   Hilbert                  Puente

         Brimer                  Hilderbran               Rabuck

         Burnam                  Hill                     Ramsay

         Carter                  Hinojosa                 Rangel

         Chavez                  Hirschi                  Raymond

         Chisum                  Hochberg                 Reyna of Bexar

         Christian               Hodge                    Reyna of Dallas

         Clark                   Holzheauser              Rhodes

         Coleman                 Horn                     Rodriguez

         Cook                    Howard                   Roman

         Corte                   Hunter                   Sadler

         Counts                  Hupp                     Seaman

         Crabb                   Isett                    Serna

         Craddick                Jackson                  Shields

         Cuellar                 Janek                    Siebert

         Culberson               Jones of Lubbock         Smith

         Danburg                 Jones of Dallas          Smithee

         Davila                  Junell                   Solis

         Davis                   Kamel                    Solomons

         Delisi                  Keel                     Staples

         Denny                   Keffer                   Stiles

         Driver                  King                     Swinford

         Dukes                   Krusee                   Talton

         Dunnam                  Kubiak                   Telford

         Dutton                  Kuempel                  Thompson

         Edwards                 Lewis of Tarrant         Tillery

         Ehrhardt                Lewis of Orange          Torres

         Eiland                  Longoria                 Turner of Coleman

         Elkins                  Luna                     Turner of Harris

         Farrar                  McCall                   Uher

         Finnell                 McClendon                Van de Putte

         Flores                  McReynolds               Walker

         Gallego                 Madden                   West

         Galloway                Marchant                 Williams

         Garcia                  Maxey                    Williamson

         Giddings                Merritt                  Wilson

         Glaze                   Moffat                   Wise

         Goodman                 Moreno                   Wohlgemuth

         Goolsby                 Mowery                   Wolens

         Gray                    Naishtat                 Woolley

         Greenberg               Nixon                    Yarbrough

         Grusendorf              Oakley                   Zbranek


                                                   Speaker of the House

               I certify that H.R. No. 1324 was adopted by the House on May

         31, 1997, by a non-record vote.


                                                 Chief Clerk of the House