1-1                                      1

 1-2                              SENATE RESOLUTION

 1-3           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes great

 1-4     pride in honoring Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., on the

 1-5     auspicious occasion of his 51st birthday on January 20, 1997; and

 1-6           WHEREAS, Born on January 20, 1946, in Brownsville,

 1-7     Eddie Lucio is one of 10 sisters and brothers; he graduated from

 1-8     Pan American University at Edinburg in 1972 with a bachelor of

 1-9     science degree in education; and

1-10           WHEREAS, After running for office in 1970 for Cameron

1-11     County Treasurer, he was elected and became the youngest

1-12     treasurer in the history of the state; and

1-13           WHEREAS, This noted gentleman served as Commissioner of

1-14     Cameron County, Precinct 2, from 1979 to 1982; in 1986, he ran

1-15     for and was elected Texas State Representative from District 39;

1-16     and

1-17           WHEREAS, Making a successful bid for Texas State Senator

1-18     in 1990, Eddie Lucio was elected from District 27 and ably

1-19     represents the Rio Grande Valley; and

1-20           WHEREAS, During his first term, he was appointed to the

1-21     State Affairs, Natural Resources, and Intergovernmental Relations

1-22     Committees; the vice-chair of the Senate Economic Development

1-23     Committee in 1993, Senator Lucio served as chair of the Senate

 2-1     Subcommittee on Agriculture during the 74th Legislature; he also

 2-2     served on the Senate Subcommittee on Veteran Affairs and the

 2-3     committees on Economic Development, Finance, and International

 2-4     Relations; and

 2-5           WHEREAS, During the 75th Legislature, Senator Lucio was

 2-6     appointed by Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock to chair the Senate

 2-7     Intergovernmental Relations Committee; he also serves on the

 2-8     committees on Economic Development, Finance, and Natural

 2-9     Resources; and

2-10           WHEREAS, The recipient of many awards, Senator Lucio earned

2-11     the designation of Legislator of the Year from the Texas

2-12     Municipal League, State Senator of the Year from the Combined

2-13     Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, and the 1994

2-14     Senator John A. Traeger Award for Legislator of the Year by the

2-15     Texas Public Employees Association; and

2-16           WHEREAS, This notable public servant has earned the

2-17     approbation of his peers and the enthusiastic support of his

2-18     constituents; and

2-19           WHEREAS, This will be his 51st birthday; unfortunately,

2-20     the Senate was not in session for his landmark birthday last year

2-21     and did not witness the submission of his application for

2-22     membership in the Association for the Advancement of Retired

2-23     People (AARP) and "Senior Friends"; and

2-24           WHEREAS, The only thing more important to Senator Lucio

2-25     than playing golf is being a member of the Senate and playing

 3-1     golf with the rules of Senatorial Courtesy; and

 3-2           WHEREAS, Sharing in the concerns and the accomplishments

 3-3     of this distinguished senator are his lovely wife, Minnie, and

 3-4     his children, Lynda and Eddie III; they and all of his colleagues

 3-5     truly wish for a very happy birthday for Senator Lucio; now,

 3-6     therefore, be it

 3-7           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,

 3-8     75th Legislature, hereby extend happy birthday greetings with

 3-9     many happy returns to Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.; and, be it further

3-10           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for him

3-11     as an expression of highest esteem and regard of the Texas Senate.

3-12                                                    Brown

3-13                                                    Madla

3-14           Armbrister           Galloway            Ratliff

3-15           Barrientos           Harris              Shapiro

3-16           Bivins               Haywood             Shapleigh

3-17           Cain                 Lindsay             Sibley

3-18           Carona               Luna                Truan

3-19           Duncan               Moncrief            Wentworth

3-20           Ellis                Nelson              West

3-21           Fraser               Nixon               Whitmire

3-22           Gallegos             Patterson           Zaffirini

3-23                      Bullock, President of the Senate

3-24                                  ______________________________________

3-25                                          President of the Senate

3-26                                       I hereby certify that the above

3-27                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate

3-28                                  on January 21, 1997.

3-29                                  ______________________________________

3-30                                          Secretary of the Senate

3-31                                  ______________________________________

3-32                                           Member, Texas Senate

3-33                                  ______________________________________

3-34                                           Member, Texas Senate