1-1           WHEREAS, The Texas House of Representatives is proud to honor
 1-2     an esteemed member of this chamber, the Honorable Miguel "Mike" D.
 1-3     Wise, on the momentous occasion of his 39th birthday; and
 1-4           WHEREAS, This native Texan was born in the community of
 1-5     Mercedes on February 11, 1960, and he currently resides in Weslaco
 1-6     with his wife, Erin Duffy Wise, and their three sons, Miguel D.
 1-7     Wise III, Mark Riborg Wise, and Zachary August Wise; and
 1-8           WHEREAS, Representative Wise received his bachelor's and law
 1-9     degrees from St. Mary's University, earning magna cum laude honors
1-10     as an undergraduate student, and he currently practices law as a
1-11     partner in the firm of Johnson, Curney, Garcia, Wise, & Farmer; as
1-12     a member of the Texas National Guard, he attained the rank of
1-13     captain while serving as a paratrooper, infantry officer, and
1-14     battalion staff officer; and
1-15           WHEREAS, A second-term house member, Representative Wise
1-16     represents Texas House District 39 and lists membership on the
1-17     committees on insurance, criminal jurisprudence, and rules and
1-18     resolutions among his many important legislative duties; and
1-19           WHEREAS, His first legislative session in 1997 quickly earned
1-20     him the respect of his colleagues; demonstrating his effectiveness
1-21     as a legislator, Representative Wise had 28 pieces of legislation
1-22     reach the governor's desk, bills that furthered protection against
1-23     child abductions, improved insurance practice laws, and increased
1-24     criminal background checks for those involved in the child care
 2-1     industry; and
 2-2           WHEREAS, This longtime people's advocate also sponsored
 2-3     legislation to  increase punishment for those who commit felony
 2-4     acts involving children and sexual assaults and worked to increase
 2-5     funding for youth organizations with drug abuse prevention
 2-6     programs; and
 2-7           WHEREAS, His success in the 75th legislative session earned
 2-8     him a host of awards,  including being named a Legislative Star by
 2-9     the Texas Classroom Teachers Association and to the Legislative
2-10     Honor Roll by the Texas Association of Realtors, as well as being
2-11     selected a Flemmings Fellow, which is a prestigious national
2-12     leadership award; and
2-13           WHEREAS, Outside the legislative arena, Representative Wise
2-14     has long given generously of his time and talents to benefit many
2-15     worthy professional and civic organizations; through his
2-16     involvement in the distinguished bar associations of which he is a
2-17     member, he has diligently worked to advance the status of the legal
2-18     assistant profession; and
2-19           WHEREAS, Representative Wise is a former president of the
2-20     five-county Rio Grande Council of the Boy Scouts of America and has
2-21     himself earned many of this notable organization's highest honors;
2-22     he is also active in the American Legion, Rotary International, and
2-23     the American Jaycees, which honored him in the past as one of its
2-24     Five Outstanding Young Texans; and
2-25           WHEREAS, In 1996, he received the Presidential Citation from
2-26     the State Bar of Texas as an acknowledgment of his outstanding
2-27     legal accomplishments, and he has earned mention in several
 3-1     national and international publications, such as Who's Who Among
 3-2     American Law Students, International Youth in Achievement, and
 3-3     Who's Who in the South and Southwest; and
 3-4           WHEREAS, Representative Wise plays an active role in making
 3-5     this state a better place in which to live, work, and raise a
 3-6     family, and the occasion of his birthday provides a fitting
 3-7     opportunity to honor him; now, therefore, be it
 3-8           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 76th Texas
 3-9     Legislature hereby congratulate the Honorable Miguel "Mike" D. Wise
3-10     on the occasion of his 39th birthday and extend to him warmest best
3-11     wishes for good fortune and happiness in the coming year; and, be
3-12     it further
3-13           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
3-14     prepared for Representative Wise as an expression of highest regard
3-15     by his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.
                                                            Solis of Cameron
         Laney                   Glaze                    Moreno of El Paso
         Alexander               Goodman                  Morrison
         Allen                   Goolsby                  Mowery
         Alvarado                Gray                     Naishtat
         Averitt                 Green                    Najera
         Bailey                  Greenberg                Nixon
         Berman                  Grusendorf               Noriega
         Bonnen                  Gutierrez                Oliveira
         Bosse                   Haggerty                 Olivo
         Brimer                  Hamric                   Palmer
         Brown of Kaufman        Hardcastle               Pickett
         Brown of Brazos         Hartnett                 Pitts
         Burnam                  Hawley                   Puente
         Capelo                  Heflin                   Ramsay
         Carter                  Hilbert                  Rangel
         Chavez                  Hilderbran               Reyna of Bexar
         Chisum                  Hill                     Reyna of Dallas
         Christian               Hinojosa                 Ritter
         Clark                   Hochberg                 Sadler
         Coleman                 Hodge                    Salinas
         Cook                    Homer                    Seaman
         Corte                   Hope                     Shields
         Counts                  Howard                   Siebert
         Crabb                   Hunter                   Smith
         Craddick                Hupp                     Smithee
         Crownover               Isett                    Solis of Cameron
         Cuellar                 Janek                    Solis of Bexar
         Culberson               Jones of Brazos          Solomons
         Danburg                 Jones of Lubbock         Staples
         Davis of Harris         Jones of Dallas          Swinford
         Davis of Dallas         Junell                   Talton
         Delisi                  Keel                     Telford
         Denny                   Keffer                   Thompson
         Deshotel                King of Parker           Tillery
         Driver                  King of Uvalde           Truitt
         Dukes                   Krusee                   Turner of Coleman
         Dunnam                  Kuempel                  Turner of Harris
         Dutton                  Lengefeld                Uher
         Edwards                 Lewis of Tarrant         Uresti
         Ehrhardt                Lewis of Orange          Van de Putte
         Eiland                  Longoria                 Walker
         Elkins                  Luna                     West
         Ellis                   McCall                   Williams
         Farabee                 McClendon                Wilson
         Farrar                  McReynolds               Wohlgemuth
         Flores                  Madden                   Wolens
         Gallego                 Marchant                 Woolley
         Garcia                  Maxey                    Yarbrough
         George                  Merritt                  Zbranek
         Giddings                Moreno of Harris
                                                   Speaker of the House
               I certify that H.R. No. 167 was adopted by the House on
         February 10, 1999, by a non-record vote.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House