1-1     By:  Hawley (Senate Sponsor - Armbrister)             H.C.R. No. 41
 1-2           (In the Senate - Received from the House May 7, 2001;
 1-3     May 7, 2001, read first time and referred to Committee on
 1-4     Administration; May 11, 2001, reported favorably by the following
 1-5     vote:  Yeas 3, Nays 0; May 11, 2001, sent to printer.)
 1-6                         HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
 1-7           WHEREAS, The city of Kenedy in Karnes County is a charming
 1-8     community that is known throughout South Texas for its colorful
 1-9     history and close association with the Texas horned lizard; and
1-10           WHEREAS, The town enjoys the unique distinction of having the
1-11     largest known population of federally protected Texas horned
1-12     lizards, and Kenedy residents have embraced the responsibilities of
1-13     coexistence with this remarkable species; and
1-14           WHEREAS, To that end, they are keenly aware of landscaping,
1-15     pest control, and other decisions affecting the creature's habitat
1-16     and are working in conjunction with the Horned Lizard Conservation
1-17     Society to conduct research on the lizard with the goal of
1-18     incorporating the results of that research into an academic
1-19     curriculum; and
1-20           WHEREAS, In addition, residents have formed the Horned Toad
1-21     Club of Kenedy, which is open to anyone having an interest in the
1-22     species; the goals of this estimable organization include promoting
1-23     conservation and preservation of Texas horned lizards, establishing
1-24     a habitat site and a library, erecting a museum, and conducting
1-25     survey and research work; and
1-26           WHEREAS, Texas horned lizards are a part of the rich heritage
1-27     and culture of Kenedy and, indeed, all of the Lone Star State, and
1-28     it is fitting to accord the city official recognition of its
1-29     special status; now, therefore, be it
1-30           RESOLVED, That the 77th Legislature of the State of Texas
1-31     hereby declare Kenedy the Horned Lizard Capital of Texas and
1-32     commend the citizens of Kenedy for their continued efforts to
1-33     enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of this
1-34     uniquely Texan protected species.
1-35                                  * * * * *