SB 319
	State Affairs

	February 24, 2003 - 1:30PM
	FOR:	  Gerstenschlager, Merry Lynn (Texas Eagle Forum), Dallas, TX
		  Lanier, Mark (Lanier Law Firm), Houston, TX
		  Lewis, Bill (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Austin, TX
		  Love, Dr. Mikeal (Self),  Austin, TX
		  Pojman, Joseph (Texas Alliance for Life, Inc.), Austin, TX
		  Salinas, Norma Jean (Self), San Antonio, TX

	AGAINST:  Hull, Mike (Texas Medical Association, Texas Association of Obstetrics &
		  Gynecologists, and others), Austin, TX

	Registering, but not testifying:
	FOR:	  Daly, Richard (Texas Catholic Conference), Austin, TX
		  Kral, Joe (Texas Right to Life),  Houston, TX
		  Nuckols, Dr. Beverly B. (Texas Physicians Resource Council), New Braunfels, TX
		  Stike, Davida (Self), Pflugerville, TX

	AGAINST:  Boucher, Terry    (Texas Osteopathic Medical Association), Austin, TX
		  Forbes, Tom (Texas Society of Anesthesiologists), Austin, TX
		  Forde, Katherine (Self), Spring, TX
		  Milford, Michelle (Self), Garden Ridge, TX
		  Ramsey, Lesley (Texas Campaign for Women's Health), Austin, TX
		  Romberg, Peggy (Women's Health & Family Planning Association of Texas), Austin, TX
		  Strauss, Shelly (Self), Austin, TX
		  Tierney, Danielle (Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region), Austin, TX
        Testifying Against SB 319 but for the Ellis Substitute:
		  McLaughlin, Kae (Texas Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League (TARAL)), 
		  Austin, TX

	Registering but not testifying against SB 319 but for the Ellis Substitute:
		  Bilbrey, Jennifer (Planned Parenthood of San Antonio-So. Ctrl TX), San Antonio, TX
		  Haverlah, Sandra (Planned Parenthood of North Texas), Austin, TX
		  Noble, Shannon (Women's Issues Network), Dallas, TX
		  Paffe, Heather (Texas Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates), Austin, TX
		  Riddering, Hannah (Texas National Organization for Women), Austin, TX
		  Wilt, Michael (American Civil Liberties Union), Austin, TX