Amend Amendment No. 45 to CSSB 1811 by Cain (scanned barcode no. 824103) by striking the text of the amendment and substituting the following:
Amend CSSB 1811 (house committee printing) by adding the following appropriately numbered ARTICLE to the bill and renumbering subsequent ARTICLES and SECTIONS accordingly:
SECTION ____.01.  Section 322.008, Government Code, is amended by adding Subsection (b-1) to read as follows:
(b-1)  The general appropriations bill must, for each state agency or other entity for which an appropriation is proposed under the bill:
(1)  include a line item for each specific program or activity administered by the agency or entity or an organizational unit of the agency or entity, organized according to the organizational structure of the agency, entity, or unit, except that if a specific program or activity administered by the agency, entity, or unit includes identifiable components or subprograms, the bill must include a line item for each of those components or subprograms;
(2)  specify the amount of the proposed appropriation for each line item; and
(3)  include, for each line item that represents a specific program or activity or, if applicable, each group of line items representing the components or subprograms of a specific program or activity:
(A)  a citation to the authorization in law for the program or activity; and
(B)  a statement regarding whether the source of the proposed appropriation is nondedicated general revenue money, dedicated general revenue money, federal money, or another source.