Supplemental House Calendar

Thursday, May 11, 2017



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 1107             Schwertner / et al.

SP: Price / Coleman / Springer / et al.

Relating to telemedicine and telehealth services.

SB 276              Watson / et al.

SP: Parker

Relating to an adult high school diploma and industry certification charter school pilot program.

SB 1516             Hancock

SP: Geren

Relating to the registration and regulation of appraisal management companies; authorizing fees; expanding the applicability of an occupational registration.

SB 1052             Hughes

SP: Flynn

Relating to debt cancellation agreements offered in connection with certain retail installment contracts and leases for vehicles and deferred payments under motor vehicle retail installment contracts; providing for a civil penalty.

SB 1133             Hinojosa / et al.

SP: Herrero

Relating to the exemption from taxes and special assessments of property of a navigation district.

SB 1524             Nichols / et al.

SP: Morrison, Geanie W. / Martinez, "Mando" / Paddie / Bonnen, Dennis / Deshotel

Relating to the movement of certain vehicles transporting an intermodal shipping container; authorizing a fee; creating an offense.

SB 257              Taylor, Van

SP: Dale

Relating to judicial review of protective orders and the duration of those orders.

SB 587              Campbell

SP: VanDeaver

Relating to the ability of certain dependents of members of the United States military to enroll full-time in courses provided through the state virtual school network.


SB 1630             Buckingham

SP: Howard

Relating to cemeteries.

********** EMERGENCY CALENDAR **********

HB 39               Wu / Raymond / Davis, Sarah / Rose / White / et al.

Relating to the child protective service functions of the Department of Family and Protective Services.


HJR 73              Burns / Ashby / Kacal / Shine / Cosper / et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment to restrict the power of the legislature to mandate requirements on a municipality or county.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3591             Thompson, Ed

Relating to the composition of the aviation advisory committee.

HB 1009             Alonzo / Workman

Relating to the regulation of firefighters and fire departments by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

HB 1643             Springer

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of operation of an unmanned aircraft over certain facilities.

HB 3296             Klick

Relating to persons required to establish nursing peer review committees.

HB 1661             Phelan / Fallon

Relating to a withdrawal of a candidate.

HB 162              Lucio III

Relating to conditions of community supervision for defendants convicted of certain criminal offenses involving animals; authorizing fees.

HB 108              Alvarado / Button / Bernal / Paddie / Gonzales, Larry / et al.

Relating to the use of the skills development fund to facilitate the relocation to or expansion in this state of employers offering complex or high-skilled employment opportunities.

HB 525              Villalba / Alvarado / Morrison, Geanie W. / Thompson, Senfronia / et al.

Relating to a central database containing information about offenders who have committed certain violent offenses against children or offenses involving family or dating violence.

HB 816              Bernal / Uresti, Tomas

Relating to a school district assigning a mentor teacher to a new classroom teacher.

HB 884              King, Ken

Relating to a revision of the essential knowledge and skills of the public school foundation curriculum and proclamations for the production of instructional materials.

HB 929              Miller

Relating to the time for returning ballots mailed by certain federal postcard applicants.

HB 1974             Wray

Relating to durable powers of attorney.

HB 978              Murr / Moody

Relating to the terms of the board members of the Texas Indigent Defense Commission.

HB 1649             Muñoz, Jr.

Relating to the use of extrapolation by a health maintenance organization or an insurer to audit claims.

HB 931              Miller / Bonnen, Greg / Zerwas / Thompson, Senfronia / Fallon / et al.

Relating to liability of certain electric utilities and political subdivisions that contract for certain uses of land that the electric utility owns, occupies, or leases.

HB 1816             Metcalf

Relating to the operation of medical supply transport vehicles during a declared state of disaster.

HB 1724             Guillen

Relating to the establishment of the commercial license buyback account managed by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

HB 2766             Sheffield / Zerwas / Miller / White / Raymond / et al.

Relating to the creation and administration of a reinvestment allowance for certain long-term care facilities.

HB 1837             Springer

Relating to the authority of counties to require a person to notify a local governmental entity before starting an outdoor fire; creating a criminal penalty.

HB 2087             VanDeaver / Fallon / Springer

Relating to restricting the use of covered information, including student personally identifiable information, by an operator of a website, online service, online application, or mobile application for a school purpose.

HB 2722             Phillips / Guillen

Relating to early voting by certain persons who have an employment hardship.

HB 2790             White

Relating to funding for certain apprenticeship training programs.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 849              Murr

Relating to notice to certain lienholders of cancellation of certain personal automobile insurance coverages.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 2780             Paddie / Darby / Ashby / Geren / Phelan / et al.

Relating to the purchase of iron and steel products made in the United States for certain governmental entity projects.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********
UNTIL 10:00 AM

HB 6                Frank / Raymond / Klick / Burkett / Dale / et al.

Relating to the administration of services provided by the Department of Family and Protective Services, including foster care, child protective services, and prevention and early intervention services.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********
UNTIL 10:00 PM

HB 786              VanDeaver

Relating to the prohibition of certain employment discrimination regarding an employee who is a volunteer emergency responder.


HJR 67              Bohac / Shine / Frullo

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of all or part of the market value of the residence homestead of a Purple Heart recipient or the surviving spouse of a Purple Heart recipient.

HJR 10              Smithee

Proposing a constitutional amendment changing the eligibility requirements for certain judicial offices.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3083             Price / Coleman / Darby / Guillen / Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to repayment of certain mental health professional education loans.

HB 3735             Frank / et al.

Relating to an application for a new or amended water right submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

HB 2962             Capriglione / Sheffield / Springer / et al.

Relating to reporting requirements by certain health care facilities for abortion complications; authorizing a civil penalty.

HB 3021             Phelan

Relating to indemnification and duties of engineers and architects under certain governmental contracts.

HB 3015             King, Tracy O. / Raney / Guillen

Relating to vacation leave time accounts for firefighter employee organizations.

HB 2757             Turner / Guillen

Relating to the donation of sick leave by state employees.

HB 3771             Cook / Morrison, Geanie W. / Davis, Sarah / Minjarez / et al.

Relating to the definition of abortion.

HB 2542             Anderson, Rodney

Relating to notice to certain insurers by the Texas Department of Insurance regarding supervision or conservatorship of certain insurance agents.

HB 2703             Muñoz, Jr.

Relating to a temporary order appointing a receiver in a suit for dissolution of a marriage.

HB 3391             Geren

Relating to the creation of a specialty court for certain public safety employees who commit a criminal offense; imposing fees for participation and testing, counseling, and treatment.

HB 3422             Laubenberg / Fallon

Relating to participation by the State of Texas in the interstate voter registration crosscheck program.

HB 3991             Larson

Relating to appropriations of water for use in aquifer storage and recovery projects.

HB 2755             Turner

Relating to the punishment for the offense of tampering with a governmental record; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 1886             Miller / Bonnen, Dennis / Zerwas / Guillen

Relating to dyslexia screening and testing, the employment of dyslexia specialists by regional education service centers, and the development by the Texas Education Agency of a list of training opportunities for educators regarding dyslexia.

HB 1616             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to an exemption from civil liability for certain professionals for the disclosure of certain mental health information.

HB 1223             Murr / Israel

Relating to the operation and movement of authorized emergency vehicles.

HB 1632             Bonnen, Greg / Guillen

Relating to deferred payment of ad valorem taxes for certain persons serving in the United States armed forces.

HB 1300             Springer

Relating to the collection and use of municipal hotel occupancy taxes.

HB 2552             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to prostitution and trafficking of persons and to certain criminal and civil consequences of that conduct.

HB 1151             Schofield

Relating to the deadline for returning a ballot voted by mail.

HB 3871             Thierry

Relating to substandard residential building fines issued by certain municipalities.

HB 2782             Wilson

Relating to the method used in rating public school districts and campuses for accountability purposes.

HB 3152             Thompson, Senfronia / Howard / Collier / Walle / Herrero / et al.

Relating to the care and transportation provided to a sexual assault survivor by a health care facility.

HB 3343             Paul / Fallon

Relating to the suspension and reactivation of the operation of the Texas Health Reinsurance System.

HB 3702             Davis, Yvonne

Relating to the notice of rights provided to an injured employee under the Texas workers' compensation system.

HB 2121             Cyrier / Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Relating to damages in certain contract claims against the state.

HB 2691             Bonnen, Greg / Oliverson

Relating to certain election practices and procedures.

HB 1372             Koop / Oliverson / Martinez, "Mando" / Burkett / Lang

Relating to information included in the curriculum of each driver education course and driving safety course.

HB 306              Minjarez / Faircloth / Moody / Larson / King, Ken / et al.

Relating to harassment, bullying, and cyberbullying of a public school student or minor and certain mental health programs for public school students.

HB 3576             Guerra / Longoria / Zerwas / Lozano / Sheffield / et al.

Relating to the investigation of, and release of information concerning, communicable disease, including the Zika virus and other high consequence communicable diseases.

HB 661              Parker / Guerra / Price / Guillen / et al.

Relating to access to certain investigational drugs, biological products, and devices that are in clinical trials by patients with severe chronic diseases.

HB 2908             Hunter / King, Phil / Villalba / Herrero / et al.

Relating to the punishment for a criminal offense committed against a person because of bias or prejudice on the basis of status as a peace officer; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 2557             Miller / Zerwas / Reynolds

Relating to the development of certain local government transportation infrastructure projects; authorizing the issuance of bonds.

HB 2473             Davis, Sarah

Relating to the disclosure of gifts by vendors to certain local government officers and of certain relationships with local government officers; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2988             Frullo

Relating to authorization for the conveyance of certain real property from Texas Tech University to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

HB 3349             Gervin-Hawkins / Guillen

Relating to creating an abbreviated certification program and probationary and standard certificates for trade and industrial workforce training.

HB 810              Parker / Springer / Paul / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Burkett / et al.

Relating to the provision of certain investigational stem cell treatments to patients with certain severe chronic diseases or terminal illnesses and regulating the possession, use, and transfer of adult stem cells; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3236             Kacal

Relating to the costs associated with the provision of certain investigational drugs, biological products, and devices that are in clinical trials.

HB 3179             Lozano / Guillen

Relating to the Texas college work-study program and to establishing a program for the off-campus employment of certain students at public or private institutions of higher education.

HB 3292             Klick / Guillen

Relating to the continuation and reinstatement of medical assistance for certain individuals.

HB 3302             Gonzales, Larry

Relating to the sunset review process and certain governmental entities subject to that process.

HB 3565             Klick

Relating to the distribution of benefits under the supplemental nutrition assistance program.

HB 3663             Burns / Kacal

Relating to marketing contracts and agricultural liens.

HB 3721             Parker / Guillen / Bonnen, Greg / Flynn / Price

Relating to access to and participation in cancer clinical trials.

HB 3768             Howard / Guillen

Relating to the establishment of the Texas Guided Pathways program to facilitate the completion by students of undergraduate certificate and degree programs.

HB 1082             Nevárez

Relating to the applicability to certain draft grant applications of the exception from disclosure under the public information law for agency memoranda.

HB 2720             Shine / et al.

Relating to the location of a polling place.

HB 2855             Paddie / Herrero / Larson / Kuempel / et al.

Relating to the identification of breeder deer by use of microchip implants.

HB 1540             Rodriguez, Justin

Relating to counseling regarding postsecondary education for public high school students.

HB 2389             Burkett / Fallon

Relating to the supervision of pharmacist-interns, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy technician trainees by a pharmacist and the adoption of rules by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

HB 722              Longoria

Relating to certain procedures for defendants who successfully complete a period of state jail felony community supervision.

HB 2483             Parker

Relating to the capture, use, or recording of certain items for commercial purposes, including the prosecution of criminal offenses regarding unauthorized recordings.

HB 2996             Ashby / VanDeaver / Shine / Guillen / Lambert

Relating to the establishment of a rural resident physician grant program.

HB 3819             Howard

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of improper contact with a victim and to providing certain rights to a victim of a criminal offense and the victim's family regarding contact by an inmate or an inmate's representative.

HB 3476             Huberty

Relating to cardiac assessments of high school participants in extracurricular athletic activities sponsored or sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League.

HB 2063             Bonnen, Greg / et al.

Relating to general procedures and requirements for do-not-resuscitate orders.

HB 3439             Koop / Meyer / Deshotel / Bohac / Longoria / et al.

Relating to a school district contract to partner with an open-enrollment charter school to operate a district campus.

HB 3851             Howard / Cortez / Flynn / Sheffield / Klick

Relating to policies and training regarding the use of epinephrine auto-injectors by public institutions of higher education; providing immunity.

HB 1462             Bonnen, Greg / Laubenberg / Fallon

Relating to temporary branch polling place hours of operation.

HB 424              Huberty / Larson / Workman / Bailes / et al.

Relating to municipal annexation.

HB 3772             Button / Parker / Capriglione / Springer / Martinez, "Mando" / et al.

Relating to operation of the Texas leverage fund program administered by the Texas Economic Development Bank.

HB 2777             Phelan

Relating to an application for the amendment of a certificate of public convenience and necessity in an area within the boundaries of a political subdivision.

HB 3717             King, Tracy O.

Relating to programs to provide incentives for conserving water in outdoor landscapes.

HB 3409             Lambert / Stephenson / Raymond / Stucky

Relating to the provision of services and resources to certain individuals by a state supported living center and to the creation of a schedule of support services a state supported living center may provide and procedures for establishing applicable fees for those services.

HB 3428             Collier

Relating to minimum standards regarding the continuity of prescription medications for the care and treatment of county jail prisoners.

HB 2975             Raney

Relating to requiring public junior colleges to report certain financial and instructional information for certain instructional locations.

HB 3088             Ortega / Thompson, Senfronia / Kuempel / Giddings

Relating to exemptions for certain residential property owners from the applicability of certain regulations of residential mortgage loan companies and residential mortgage loan originators.

HB 1720             Phillips

Relating to parental notice regarding an incident of lice in a public elementary school.

HB 2653             Geren / Fallon

Relating to the authority of a district court to hear and determine certain ad valorem tax appeals.

HB 2820             Pickett / et al.

Relating to establishing the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony Committee to recognize and honor peace officers who were killed in the line of duty.

HB 2649             Capriglione / Howard / Fallon

Relating to certain meetings of open-enrollment charter schools.

HB 2828             Oliveira / Shine

Relating to the regulation of certain sweepstakes in this state.

HB 2482             Miller / Zerwas / Reynolds

Relating to the authority of certain counties to operate a roadway clearance program; creating an offense.

HB 2249             Sheffield / Zerwas / Murphy / Howard

Relating to requirements for and the transparency of epidemiological reports and immunization exemption information and reports.

HB 4021             Deshotel

Relating to the financing of ports in the state.

HB 3626             Hunter

Relating to the definition of eligible central municipality for purposes of the municipal hotel occupancy tax.

HB 3108             Giddings

Relating to procedures for taking possession of a child and for certain hearings in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship involving the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 1892             Ortega / Hernandez / Farrar / Stucky / Anderson, Rodney

Relating to expedited proceedings in cases involving substandard buildings or improvements.

HB 3685             Alvarado

Relating to the administration of the low income housing tax credit program by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

HB 3640             Hunter / Herrero

Relating to the confidentiality of an emergency call.

HB 3652             Craddick / et al.

Relating to an exemption for open-enrollment charter schools from taxes imposed on the sale, lease, or rental of a motor vehicle and registration fees for motor vehicles.

HB 1864             Thompson, Senfronia / Coleman

Relating to training regarding interactions with law enforcement during traffic stops.

HB 3838             Zerwas / Miller / Stephenson / Reynolds

Relating to the definition of eligible central municipality for purposes of the municipal hotel occupancy tax.

HB 1416             Stephenson

Relating to authorizing public retirement systems to study the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of implementing certain pension revenue enhancement strategies.

HB 141              Raymond / King, Tracy O. / Guillen

Relating to prohibiting the operation of State Highway 255 as a toll project.

HB 1086             Goldman / et al.

Relating to increasing the penalty for unlawful participation in a primary election or convention.

HB 1626             Gutierrez

Relating to the authority of a taxing unit other than a school district to enter into a tax abatement agreement with an owner of real property in a tax increment financing reinvestment zone.

HB 1821             Clardy

Relating to a late fee for failing to pay rent under a residential lease.

HB 2092             Morrison, Geanie W. / Stephenson

Relating to a prohibition of the land application of grease or grit trap waste.

HB 1825             Goldman

Relating to the conduct of early voting by personal appearance.

HB 3010             Lucio III

Relating to authorizing and financing certain sports and community venue projects.

HB 1964             Murphy

Relating to the authority and liability of owners and managers of apartment houses, manufactured home rental communities, condominiums, and multiple use facilities in charging tenants for submetered and nonsubmetered master metered water and wastewater services.

HB 2528             Guillen

Relating to predevelopment loans provided to community housing development organizations by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

HB 3703             Gooden

Relating to waiver of continuing education requirements for certain insurance adjusters.

HB 3345             Springer

Relating to the definition of "passive entity" for the franchise tax.

HB 3606             Wilson / VanDeaver / Oliverson / Lucio III / Meyer / et al.

Relating to a report regarding certain health and safety information prepared by the Texas Education Agency.

HB 994              Wray

Relating to the disposition of remains and anatomical gifts.

HB 1032             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act.

HB 1908             Zerwas / Sheffield / Thompson, Senfronia / Parker / Howard / et al.

Relating to the distribution, possession, purchase, consumption, and receipt of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products; providing penalties.

HB 1152             Davis, Sarah / et al.

Relating to a referendum requirement before the name of a school district or district campus located in certain counties may be changed by the district board of trustees.

HB 543              Raney / Cook / Parker / Ashby / Murr / et al.

Relating to the required vote by a presidential elector.

HB 4231             White / Darby / Paddie / King, Ken / Morrison, Geanie W. / et al.

Relating to allocating a portion of oil and gas production tax revenue to the counties from which the oil and gas originated.

HB 1421             Johnson, Jarvis / Thierry

Relating to a report by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice regarding inmate grievances.

HB 2478             Davis, Sarah

Relating to an innovation grant program to support residency training programs in psychiatric specialty fields.

HB 2276             Martinez, "Mando"

Relating to an increase in and the use of the fee for permits issued for the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles carrying cargo in Hidalgo County.

HB 40               Simmons

Relating to the deposit of money received from the federal government and the authority of the comptroller concerning related funds and accounts.

HB 3238             Nevárez / Simmons

Relating to the regulation of unmanned aircrafts by political subdivisions.

HB 4047             Workman

Relating to the requirements for annexation by a municipality of certain municipal utility districts.

HB 1749             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the expunction of arrest records and files relating to an offense punishable by fine only; authorizing a fee.

HB 2250             Darby

Relating to the classification of certain entities as primarily engaged in retail trade for purposes of the franchise tax.

HB 1226             Herrero / Lozano

Relating to exemption of certain firefighters and police officers from jury service.

HB 1922             Rodriguez, Eddie / Flynn / Alonzo / Workman / Martinez, "Mando"

Relating to certain claims for benefits or compensation by survivors of fire fighters.

HB 1620             Sanford / Burkett / Miller / Minjarez / et al.

Relating to a voluntary temporary caregiver program providing temporary care for children removed from their homes.

HB 200              Burkett / Bailes / Laubenberg / Raney / et al.

Relating to certain prohibited abortions and the treatment and disposition of a human fetus, human fetal tissue, and embryonic and fetal tissue remains; creating a civil cause of action; imposing a civil penalty; creating criminal offenses.

HB 2858             Burns / Shine / Paul / Burkett / Nevárez / et al.

Relating to human trafficking signs at abortion facilities and offenses associated with human trafficking and forced abortion; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 1936             Springer / Cook / Capriglione / Burkett / Shine / et al.

Relating to prohibiting certain transactions between a governmental entity and an abortion provider or affiliate of the provider.

HB 3036             King, Tracy O.

Relating to permits for the discharge of waste or pollutants into water that flows into certain areas of the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone.

HB 2969             Raymond

Relating to fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicaid and other health and human services programs.

HB 1665             Oliveira

Relating to the regulation of cross-border electric generating facilities.

HB 2343             Workman / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Villalba

Relating to prerequisites to asserting certain claims arising from certain construction defects.

HB 2690             Morrison, Geanie W. / Oliveira / Faircloth

Relating to the allocation of certain state hotel occupancy tax revenue.

HB 3383             Lozano

Relating to the repeal of the management-to-staff ratio requirement for state agencies.

HB 2714             Bohac

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of leased motor vehicles that are not held primarily for the production of income by the lessee.

HB 3163             Button

Relating to persons engaged in business as a vehicle lessor or vehicle lease facilitator.

HB 3882             Larson

Relating to lobbying by former statewide elected officers or members of their staffs; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3639             Gervin-Hawkins

Relating to regulation of fireworks stands in certain counties; creating criminal offenses.

HB 3804             Clardy / Muñoz, Jr.

Relating to certain insurance practices with respect to repair of motor vehicles.

HB 4241             Raymond

Relating to measures to ensure certain adopted students are informed regarding their eligibility for tuition and fee exemptions at certain institutions of higher education.

HB 3691             Bernal

Relating to the eligibility of certain municipalities to establish homestead preservation districts and reinvestment zones.

HB 11               Price / Turner / White / Bernal / Huberty / et al.

Relating to consideration of the mental health of public school students in training requirements for certain school employees, curriculum requirements, educational programs, state and regional programs and services, and health care services for students.

HB 3251             King, Ken

Relating to the adjustment for rapid decline in taxable value of property for school districts.

HB 2450             Koop

Relating to a warrant authorizing the search of a cellular telephone or other wireless communications device.

HB 3080             Rose / Coleman / Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with severe mental illness.

HB 2775             Phelan

Relating to requirements for educator preparation program support for certain candidates for certification.

HB 3109             Giddings

Relating to the appointment of a guardian ad litem or an attorney ad litem for a child in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 3044             Huberty

Relating to educator preparation programs.

HB 2440             Geren

Relating to the punishment for the offense of theft.

HB 3244             Nevárez

Relating to a salary bonus for a public school teacher who completes certain autism training.

HB 194              Bernal

Relating to providing for endorsements for public high school students enrolled in special education programs.

HB 383              Murphy / et al.

Relating to enhancing the penalties for certain repeat and habitual offenders.

HB 1998             Lozano

Relating to participation in and rates for coverage provided under the uniform group coverage program for active school employees.

HB 3434             Koop / Cyrier / Workman

Relating to relating to requirements for building construction contracts entered into by public school districts.

HB 387              Murphy / Parker / González, Mary / Schubert / Springer / et al.

Relating to the authority of general-law municipalities to restrict sex offenders from child safety zones in the municipality.

HB 415              Minjarez / Anchia / et al.

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of aggravated kidnapping.

HB 1057             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to indicators of achievement under the public school accountability system.

HB 673              Johnson, Eric

Relating to certain reporting requirements for law enforcement agencies and to the creation of a criminal justice web portal by the office of the attorney general.

HB 944              Paul / Schofield / Miller / Burkett / Klick / et al.

Relating to supervision of the conduct of a primary election; creating a criminal offense.

HB 679              Wu / Giddings / Dutton / Israel / et al.

Relating to prohibiting the use of a mechanical or physical restraint on a child during a judicial proceeding in the juvenile court.

HB 574              Thompson, Senfronia / White / Johnson, Eric / Wu / Coleman

Relating to a limitation on the authority to arrest a person for certain misdemeanors punishable by a fine only.

HB 2538             Raymond

Relating to the use of certain tax revenue by certain municipalities and the authority of those municipalities to pledge that revenue for the payment of obligations related to hotel and convention center projects.

HB 1110             Thompson, Ed

Relating to increasing the punishment for assault committed against certain sports participants.

HB 3855             Morrison, Geanie W.

Relating to erecting or maintaining certain outdoor signs regulated by the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 1789             Pickett

Relating to motor vehicle size and weight limitations.

HB 1759             Smithee

Relating to the authority of an independent school district to contract with a county for the design, improvement, or construction of an instructional facility or stadium or other athletic facility.

HB 1591             Bohac / Shine / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Frullo

Relating to an exemption from ad valorem taxation of the residence homestead of a Purple Heart recipient or the surviving spouse of a Purple Heart recipient.

HB 461              Dale / Villalba / Isaac

Relating to service of a temporary ex parte order issued in response to an application for a protective order in circumstances involving family violence.

HB 1594             Bohac

Relating to the territory that may be included in a single county election precinct.

HB 1650             Goldman / Guillen / Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to successful completion of a United States history dual credit course as an alternative to compliance with the United States history end-of-course assessment requirement.

HB 1968             Bernal

Relating to procedures for certain hearings in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship filed by the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 233              Rodriguez, Eddie / King, Phil

Relating to the exception of certain information related to the humane disposition by a municipality or county of an animal from required disclosure under the public information law.

HB 1820             Springer

Relating to a presumption regarding certain evidence of a prior conviction in a criminal proceeding.

HB 2683             Hinojosa, Gina / Israel / Thompson, Ed / Workman

Relating to the use of regional mobility authority toll projects by public school buses.

HB 1844             Workman

Relating to choice of law and venue for certain construction contracts.

HB 2085             Alvarado

Relating to psychological counseling for certain grand jurors.

HB 1916             Elkins

Relating to the intake and disposition records of animal shelters and releasing agencies.

HB 2072             Gutierrez

Relating to the eligibility and requirements for the issuance and renewal of a license in massage therapy.

HB 3309             Kuempel

Relating to the regulation of temporary common worker employers.

HB 2462             Pickett

Relating to the titling of motor vehicles; creating a criminal offense and authorizing fees.

HB 142              Moody / Dale / Alvarado / Burkett / Neave

Relating to the creation of the offense of indecent assault, to judicial protection for victims of that offense, and to certain criminal acts committed in relation to that offense.

HB 2089             White / Parker

Relating to the punishment for certain intoxication offenses and the eligibility for deferred adjudication community supervision of defendants who committed certain intoxication offenses.

HB 2433             Pickett

Relating to the registration of certain trailers; changing a fee.

HB 2583             Martinez, "Mando" / Villalba

Relating to prohibiting the reckless discharge of a firearm; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2656             Longoria

Relating to the regulation of residential mortgage loan companies, including the registration of mortgage lot lender companies; authorizing a fee.

HB 2871             Guillen

Relating to the use of county hotel occupancy taxes by certain counties.

HB 2894             Lucio III

Relating to a requirement that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality provide an expedited procedure for acting on certain applications for an amendment to a water right by certain applicants that use desalinated seawater.

HB 3100             Johnson, Jarvis

Relating to the manner in which a majority is determined for the purpose of filling a vacancy in nomination.

HB 3145             Deshotel

Relating to the adoption and implementation of a recess policy by public school districts.

HB 3324             Rodriguez, Eddie / Capriglione / Lozano / Rose

Relating to the establishment of a grocery access investment fund program.

HB 3332             Kuempel / Bonnen, Greg / et al.

Relating to requirements for certain petitions requesting an election and ballot propositions.

HB 3506             Cyrier

Relating to the authority of a political subdivision to adopt or enforce a requirement that a builder or contractor obtain a license or other similar certification from the political subdivision.

HB 3785             Capriglione / Romero, Jr.

Relating to associate judges and court reporters for certain family law cases and proceedings.

HB 3786             Oliverson

Relating to eligibility for community supervision of defendants convicted of certain burglary offenses.

HB 3842             Hinojosa, Gina / Minjarez / White

Relating to transferring the Office for the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities to The University of Texas at Austin and renaming the office the Office for Healthy Children.

HB 4212             Coleman

Relating to the renewal of the Texas Health Care Transformation and Quality Improvement Program waiver under Medicaid.

HB 3895             Cortez

Relating to the application for and loans from the Texas military value revolving loan account.

HB 3913             Shine / Cyrier

Relating to retainage requirements for certain public works construction projects.

HB 4131             Fallon

Relating to assisting voters and other voting processes and procedures; creating criminal offenses; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 1654             Oliverson / Coleman / Geren / Uresti, Tomas

Relating to the offense of failure to comply with an order from a fire marshal and the authority of certain county employees to issue citations for certain violations.

HB 4264             Elkins

Relating to certain sales of homestead.

HB 1765             Capriglione

Relating to compensation of certain justices and judges for performing extrajudicial services.

HB 1847             Coleman / Thierry

Relating to a notification requirement if a public school, including an open-enrollment charter school, does not have a nurse, school counselor, or librarian assigned to the school during all instructional hours.

HB 2043             Springer

Relating to the qualifications required for an appraisal district employee in order to testify as to the value of appraised value of real property in certain ad valorem tax appeals.

HB 971              Giddings / et al.

Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer early childhood education baccalaureate degree programs.

HB 3982             Raymond / Guerra

Relating to the Medicaid program, including the administration and operation of the Medicaid managed care program.

HB 1667             Meyer / Thompson, Senfronia / Parker / Burkett / Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to increasing the punishment for the offense of promotion of prostitution.

HB 4142             Coleman

Relating to certain requirements of counties and other governmental entities regarding behavioral health.

HB 1666             Meyer / Thompson, Senfronia / Parker / Burkett / Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to increasing the punishment for the offense of aggravated promotion of prostitution.

HB 3347             Huberty

Relating to before-school and after-school programs established by public school districts.

HB 811              King, Ken / Guillen / Paddie / Workman / et al.

Relating to the extension of additional state aid for tax reduction provided to certain school districts.

HB 2142             Kacal

Relating to oversize or overweight vehicles transporting livestock feed, grain, or grain by-products.

HB 209              Canales

Relating to voter registration application forms in high schools.

HB 3541             Price

Relating to requirements for Medicaid managed care organizations that provide behavioral health services through a third party or subsidiary.

HB 2898             Gonzales, Larry

Relating to the creation of the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council and to the continuation and transfer of the regulation of sex offender treatment providers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, chemical dependency counselors, and social workers to the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council; providing civil and administrative penalties; authorizing a fee.

HB 3891             Coleman

Relating to coverage for eating disorders under certain health benefit plans.

HB 2014             Parker

Relating to designation of mathematics innovation zones by the commissioner of education and to the establishment of pay for success programs to provide necessary funding.

HB 3611             Lucio III

Relating to the termination of the entitlement of the state, a county, and certain municipalities to a share of a bingo prize fee collected in counties where certain illegal gambling occurs to the detriment of charitable bingo.

HB 3168             Geren

Relating to ad valorem taxation.

HB 3201             Darby

Relating to the severance tax exemption for oil and gas produced from certain inactive wells.

HB 3950             Gonzales, Larry

Relating to motor vehicle accident reports.

HB 3374             Kuempel

Relating to the registration and regulation of certain communication access realtime translation providers; imposing a civil penalty; authorizing fees.

HB 81               Moody / Isaac / Dutton / White / Minjarez / et al.

Relating to the civil and criminal penalties for possession of certain small amounts of marihuana and an exception to prosecution for possession of associated drug paraphernalia; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3448             Longoria

Relating to single premium term life insurance offered in connection with certain consumer loans.

HB 3471             Davis, Yvonne

Relating to a sales tax refund for sales tax overpayments by certain oil or gas severance taxpayers.

HB 1120             Springer

Relating to the authority of a political subdivision to issue a building construction permit or final certificate of occupancy for a building or facility required to meet certain accessibility standards; requiring a related study.

HB 3335             Murphy / Laubenberg

Relating to the notice required before the issuance of certain debt obligations by political subdivisions.

HB 1314             Israel / White / Wu

Relating to the release on personal bond of a person who is pregnant.

HB 1893             Reynolds

Relating to an election services contract between a county elections administrator and a political party.

HB 3153             Sheffield

Relating to certain notice requirements regarding fluoridation of a water supply system.

HB 3121             Farrar

Relating to a revocable deed that transfers real property at the transferor's death.

HB 3707             King, Tracy O. / et al.

Relating to an inspection program to deter cattle theft; authorizing an administrative penalty; authorizing an assessment.

HB 3322             Guillen

Relating to the use of certain words to imply that a person who is not an attorney is authorized to practice immigration law and the prosecution of a cause of action arising from that practice and educational requirements for a notary public appointment; authorizing a fee; affecting the prosecution of a criminal offense.

HB 3763             Moody

Relating to common nuisances.

HB 3861             Rodriguez, Eddie / VanDeaver

Relating to a public school campus's election under a campus turnaround plan to operate as a community school.

HB 3935             Rose / Hernandez / et al.

Relating to licensing and reimbursing certain foster group homes that provide services to victims of sex trafficking.

HB 445              Frank / Geren / Springer / Blanco

Relating to the eligibility of certain property for certain ad valorem tax incentives relating to wind-powered energy devices.

HB 925              Villalba / Capriglione / Anchia / Alvarado

Relating to the regulation of the booting of vehicles; imposing an administrative penalty; changing a fee.

HB 1104             Hernandez

Relating to sexual assault and domestic violence awareness continuing education for cosmetology license holders.

HB 27               Springer

Relating to the consideration of the use of property or a comparable property in certain appeals of an appraisal review board order.

HB 69               Guillen

Relating to a requirement that school districts and open-enrollment charter schools report certain information regarding children with disabilities who reside in residential facilities.

HB 347              Canales / Miller / Lucio III / Blanco

Relating to the establishment of a pilot program for the issuance of digital identification.

HB 434              Simmons / Workman / Bailes / et al.

Relating to eliminating the wrongful birth cause of action.

HB 463              Dale / Gutierrez

Relating to the disqualification from receiving unemployment benefits of individuals who resign from work in lieu of being discharged for misconduct.

HB 790              Lozano / Lang

Relating to the definition of an illegal knife.

HB 831              Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Howard / Davis, Sarah / Thompson, Senfronia / Vo

Relating to coverage for treatment of craniofacial abnormalities under certain health benefit plans.

HB 1322             Burns

Relating to the authority of a justice of the peace to issue a search warrant to collect a blood specimen from a person arrested for certain intoxication offenses.

HB 1436             Wu

Relating to the offense of possessing an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

HB 1550             Frank / Springer

Relating to the confinement in a county jail of a person pending a transfer to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and to the reimbursement of certain costs of confinement.

HB 1554             Lozano

Relating to the prosecution and punishment of the smuggling of persons.

HB 1967             Moody

Relating to the creation of an innocence project grant program.

HB 2133             Anderson, Rodney

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation for property owned by a religious organization for purposes of expanding a religious facility or constructing a new religious facility.

HB 2143             Cortez / Oliverson / Guerra

Relating to protection for physician assistants who refuse to engage in certain conduct.

HB 1870             Johnson, Jarvis / Thompson, Senfronia / White / Deshotel / Giddings

Relating to nonemergency medical transportation, shipping logistics, and coordination services for state agencies.

HB 2454             Klick / et al.

Relating to the provision of a nursing facility quality-based payment incentives program and a program to increase direct care staff and wages under Medicaid.

HB 2497             Dutton

Relating to the posting of notice of intent to obtain a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality at the site of the facility or proposed facility for which the permit is sought.

HB 3510             Faircloth

Relating to replacement cost coverage in policies issued by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

HB 3263             Rodriguez, Justin

Relating to the service retirement annuity for certain members of the Judicial Retirement System of Texas Plan Two who resume service.

HB 1572             Workman

Relating to a residential property owner's right to remove a tree or vegetation that the owner believes poses a fire risk.

HB 3002             Miller / Villalba / Laubenberg / et al.

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of part of the appraised value of the residence homestead of a partially disabled veteran or the surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran based on the disability rating of the veteran.

HB 3142             Turner

Relating to a requirement that a public or private institution of higher education include a disciplinary notation on a student's transcript under certain circumstances.

HB 3089             Morrison, Geanie W.

Relating to the designation of a common area for on-premise consumption by a holder of certain alcoholic beverage permits and licenses.

HB 2155             Howard

Relating to a college readiness memorandum of understanding between a school district and a public institution of higher education.

HB 3256             Rose / Wu / Zerwas / Rodriguez, Justin / Hinojosa, Gina

Relating to the establishment by certain counties and hospital districts of disease control pilot programs to reduce the risk of certain infectious and communicable diseases; authorizing fees.

HB 2290             Lozano / Zerwas

Relating to the establishment of the Texas Returning Adult Student Grant Program for certain students enrolled in baccalaureate degree programs at certain postsecondary educational institutions.

HB 3183             Guillen / Guerra

Relating to the re-creation of the Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force.

HB 1359             White / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / et al.

Relating to monuments and memorials for Texas heroes and other persons and events of historical significance; creating criminal offenses.

HB 1898             Uresti, Tomas

Relating to a study on state agency digital data storage and records management practices and associated state costs.

HB 3482             Hinojosa, Gina

Relating to clarifying the law regarding local government prohibitions or restrictions on the sale or use of a container or package.

HB 3491             Meyer

Relating to limitations on the use of a biometric identifier by a governmental body.

HB 3543             Morrison, Geanie W.

Relating to the applicability of certain insurance laws to certain farm mutual insurance companies.

HB 3551             Burkett

Relating to the conduct of a live sound study after the completion of certain transportation projects.

HB 3885             Coleman

Relating to employment of psychiatrists by certain private hospitals.

HB 3902             Thompson, Senfronia / Wu / Workman

Relating to commencement and prosecution of certain actions by and to investigations conducted by district and county attorneys under the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act.

HB 3234             Moody

Relating to access to certain law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutorial records under the public information law.

HB 3509             Faircloth

Relating to maximum liability limits for windstorm and hail insurance coverage provided through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

HB 4168             Turner

Relating to requirements for the court in permanency hearings for children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services who are receiving transitional living services.

HB 3550             Burkett

Relating to guidelines for and adjustments to highway noise barriers.

HB 1909             Villalba

Relating to persons entitled to a mechanic's lien on real property.

HB 577              Workman / Shine / Dale / Isaac / Villalba / et al.

Relating to the authority of a political subdivision to adopt or enforce certain regulations regarding whether a private employer may obtain or consider an employment applicant's or employee's criminal history record information.

********** RESOLUTIONS CALENDAR **********

HCR 52              Flynn / King, Phil / Shine / Bonnen, Dennis / Longoria / et al.

Urging Congress to reimburse the State of Texas for bearing the financial burden of the federal government's responsibility to secure the Texas-Mexico international border.

HCR 44              Metcalf / Keough / Bell / Darby / Flynn / et al.

Urging Congress to pass S.2896, the Care Veterans Deserve Act of 2016.




C.S.H.B. 39


Pursuant to House Rule 3, Section 4(2) and House Rule 6, Section 16(f), the House Committee on Calendars proposes the following rule governing floor consideration of House Bill 39:

“Section 1. All original amendments that will be offered during second reading consideration of the bill must be filed with the chief clerk by 1 pm on Monday, May 8, 2017.”


C.S.H.B. 6


Pursuant to House Rule 3, Section 4(2) and House Rule 6, Section 16(f), the House Committee on Calendars proposes the following rule governing floor consideration of House Bill 6:

“Section 1. All original amendments that will be offered during second reading consideration of the bill must be filed with the chief clerk by 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 7, 2017.”