Daily House Calendar

Tuesday, March 19, 2019



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 41               Metcalf / Phelan / Rodriguez / Holland / Hernandez / et al.

Relating to paid leave for a state employee who is a search and rescue volunteer.

HB 92               Rodriguez / VanDeaver / Bernal / Bell, Keith

Relating to a public school campus's election under a campus turnaround plan to operate as a community school.

HB 234              Krause / Middleton / Guillen / Phelan / Price

Relating to the local regulation of the sale of lemonade or other beverages by children.

HB 403              Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to training requirements for a member of the board of trustees and the superintendent of an independent school district regarding sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children.

HB 111              González, Mary / Meyer

Relating to public school policy and training for public school employees addressing the prevention of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other maltreatment of certain children.

HB 330              VanDeaver / Guillen

Relating to excluding certain students from the computation of dropout and completion rates for purposes of public school accountability.

HB 277              Oliverson / Button / Murphy / et al.

Relating to a requirement that online admission application forms for public institutions of higher education include a link to certain comparative gainful employment data.

HB 1244             Ashby / Allison / Huberty / VanDeaver / King, Ken / et al.

Relating to including a civics test in the graduation requirements for public high school students and to eliminating the United States history end-of-course assessment instrument.

HB 109              Martinez

Relating to the operation of open-enrollment charter schools on Memorial Day.