Daily House Calendar

Tuesday, March 26, 2019



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1101             Darby

Relating to the name of the Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf.

HB 547              Canales / Cyrier / Bucy / Springer / Geren / et al.

Relating to verification of hunting and fishing license information.

HB 638              Capriglione / Bonnen, Greg

Relating to the issuance of posthumous high school diplomas to certain students.

HB 61               White

Relating to the use of certain lighting equipment on escort flag vehicles.

HB 382              Ortega / Moody / González, Mary / Blanco / Fierro

Relating to the authority to establish a customer assistance program for certain municipally owned utilities.

HB 428              Shaheen

Relating to the solicitation of pen pals by certain inmates of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 925              Springer / Frank

Relating to the composition of the board of directors of the Gateway Groundwater Conservation District.