Daily House Calendar

Wednesday, May 1, 2019



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3745             Bell, Cecil / Rose / Capriglione / Zerwas / Thompson, Ed / et al.

Relating to the Texas emissions reduction plan fund and account.

HB 4181             Geren

Relating to the organization and efficient operation of the legislative branch of state government.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3656             Murr

Relating to the transfer of certain permitted irrigation water rights related to a certain portion of the Edwards Aquifer.

HB 2559             Bowers

Relating to the issuance of a summons for certain persons charged with a violation of a condition of release on parole or to mandatory supervision.

HB 2088             Dean / Thompson, Senfronia / Zerwas / Moody / Oliverson / et al.

Relating to providing information and other resources regarding safe disposal of Schedule II controlled substance prescription drugs.

HB 2686             Lucio III

Relating to a dispute relating to a denial of coverage by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

HB 4534             Lucio III / Middleton

Relating to the rates and other funding of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

HB 3016             Schaefer / Oliverson / Lang / Middleton / Krause / et al.

Relating to the carrying of a handgun by a license holder in a motor vehicle.

HB 1825             Cortez

Relating to information a law enforcement agency is required to share with a school district about a person who may be a student.

HB 639              Springer

Relating to the eligibility of land used as an ecological laboratory for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land.

HB 2430             Reynolds / Zerwas / Stephenson

Relating to requirements in a suit for the removal of human remains from a cemetery.

HB 2677             Goldman / et al.

Relating to certain restrictions on contributions and expenditures from political funds by a lobbyist.

HB 2227             Wu / Craddick / White / Landgraf / Capriglione

Relating to preventing the loss of benefits by certain retirees of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas who resume service.

HB 3601             Bell, Cecil

Relating to the recognition by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board of competency-based education degree plans for members of the Texas military forces.

HB 2547             Meyer

Relating to the assignment of certain former and retired justices and judges.

HB 3603             Martinez Fischer

Relating to derivative proceedings on behalf of for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships.

HB 3388             Sheffield / Bonnen, Greg / Price / Hefner / Raymond / et al.

Relating to the reimbursement of prescription drugs under Medicaid and the child health plan program.

HB 2772             Wilson / Moody / et al.

Relating to the release to mandatory supervision of certain inmates confined in a county jail.

HB 3117             Schaefer

Relating to developing the proposed plan on long-term care for persons with an intellectual disability.

HB 1936             Rose / Zerwas / Thompson, Senfronia / Coleman / Longoria

Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with severe mental illness.

HB 3540             Burns

Relating to the authority of a peace officer to release in lieu of arrest certain persons with an intellectual or developmental disability.

HB 2840             Canales / Guerra

Relating to the right of a member of the public to address the governing body of a political subdivision at an open meeting of the body.

HB 570              Capriglione

Relating to open meetings of the governing body of a charter holder and the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school.

HB 2271             Lang / Hefner / White / et al.

Relating to the authority of the attorney general to advertise Choose Life account grants.

HB 3609             Martinez Fischer

Relating to the filing of an assumed name certificate by certain business entities.

HB 3557             Paddie

Relating to civil and criminal liability for engaging in certain conduct involving a critical infrastructure facility; creating criminal offenses.

HB 3652             Turner, Chris

Relating to the creation of a state repository for open educational resources by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

HB 4388             Murphy / Capriglione / Zerwas / et al.

Relating to the management of the permanent school fund by the School Land Board and the State Board of Education.

HB 233              Krause / Minjarez / et al.

Relating to the scheduling of the first day of school for students by school districts and open-enrollment charter schools.

HB 4733             González, Jessica

Relating to the creation of the Oak Farms Municipal Management District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.