Daily House Calendar

Thursday, May 2, 2019




HJR 82              Craddick / Landgraf / Nevárez / Paddie / et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of and use of money in the generate recurring oil wealth for Texas (GROW Texas) fund and allocating certain general revenues to that fund, the economic stabilization fund, and the state highway fund.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1968             Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Johnson, Julie / Davis, Sarah / Vo / Paul

Relating to coverage for treatment of craniofacial abnormalities under certain health benefit plans.

HB 2068             Nevárez

Relating to exemption from jury service of tribal council members of and legislative employees for certain tribal governments.

HB 974              Metcalf / Huberty / Allen / González, Mary / Dutton

Relating to public school safety measures and procedures.

HB 1590             Howard / Morrison / Neave / Hunter / Miller / et al.

Relating to statewide policies and practices, personnel training, evidence collection and preservation, and data collection and analysis regarding the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of sexual assault and other sex offenses.

HB 1897             Bonnen, Greg

Relating to dispute resolution for certain claims arising under insurance policies issued by the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan Association; authorizing fees.

HB 1832             Johnson, Julie / Oliverson / Lambert / et al.

Relating to prohibited practices relating to health benefit plan coverage for emergency care.

HB 1917             Murphy / Zerwas / Phelan / Thompson, Senfronia / Bonnen, Greg

Relating to the creation of the disaster response loan fund and the permissible uses of that fund; making an appropriation; authorizing a fee.

HB 4548             Wray

Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in certain counties bordering two populous counties.

HB 2576             Johnson, Jarvis

Relating to prescribing and dispensing certain controlled substances to patients diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

HB 4390             Capriglione / Martinez Fischer / Rodriguez / Collier

Relating to the privacy of personal identifying information and the creation of the Texas Privacy Protection Advisory Council.

HB 1563             Nevárez

Relating to the licensing and regulation of animal export-import processing facilities; providing penalties; requiring an occupational license; authorizing fees.

HB 2099             Lambert / Sheffield / Zerwas / Oliverson / Lucio III / et al.

Relating to modification of certain prescription drug benefits and coverage offered by certain health benefit plans.

HB 827              Rose

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of an improvement that is necessary to support the continued use or existence of a historic site.

HB 2178             Noble

Relating to terminating participation in the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System.

HB 1426             Guerra / Phelan / Deshotel / Burrows / Allison / et al.

Relating to mobile Internet service access in an area subject to a declared state of disaster.

HB 803              Patterson / Canales / Thierry / Toth / Krause

Relating to financial reporting requirements of a toll project entity.

HB 3910             Sherman, Sr.

Relating to the establishment of one or more supplemental county civil service commissions in certain counties.

HB 2586             Leach / Klick / Israel / Moody / Burrows

Relating to political contributions and political expenditures made to or by political committees or other persons.

HB 3771             Oliverson

Relating to the approval of insurance companies to provide certain structured settlement annuity contracts.

HB 4695             Deshotel

Relating to the administration of the Port of Port Arthur Navigation District of Jefferson County, including the authority to impose taxes.

HB 3782             Harless

Relating to the right to remove property encroaching on areas owned or controlled by the Harris County Flood Control District.

HB 4246             Nevárez

Relating to nonsubmetered billing for water or wastewater service.

HB 2578             Thompson, Ed

Relating to toll collection and enforcement by private participants in comprehensive development agreements with the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 3995             Phelan / Raymond / Rodriguez / King, Phil / Frullo / et al.

Relating to certificates of convenience and necessity for the construction of facilities for the transmission of electricity.