Supplemental House Calendar

Wednesday, March 20, 2019



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 41               Metcalf / Phelan / Rodriguez / Holland / Hernandez / et al.

Relating to paid leave for a state employee who is a search and rescue volunteer.

HB 92               Rodriguez / VanDeaver / Bernal / Bell, Keith

Relating to a public school campus's election under a campus turnaround plan to operate as a community school.

HB 234              Krause / Middleton / Guillen / Phelan / Price / et al.

Relating to the local regulation of the sale of lemonade or other beverages by children.

HB 403              Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to training requirements for a member of the board of trustees and the superintendent of an independent school district regarding sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children.

HB 111              González, Mary / Meyer

Relating to public school policy and training for public school employees addressing the prevention of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other maltreatment of certain children.

HB 330              VanDeaver / Guillen

Relating to excluding certain students from the computation of dropout and completion rates for purposes of public school accountability.

HB 277              Oliverson / Button / Murphy / et al.

Relating to a requirement that online admission application forms for public institutions of higher education include a link to certain comparative gainful employment data.

HB 1244             Ashby / Allison / Huberty / VanDeaver / King, Ken / et al.

Relating to including a civics test in the graduation requirements for public high school students and to eliminating the United States history end-of-course assessment instrument.

HB 109              Martinez

Relating to the operation of open-enrollment charter schools on Memorial Day.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 540              Leach / Button / Ramos / Canales

Relating to the designation of U.S. Highway 75 in Richardson as the Officer David Sherrard Memorial Highway.

HB 81               Canales / Capriglione / Burrows / Phelan / Nevárez / et al.

Relating to the disclosure under the public information law of certain information related to parades, concerts, or other entertainment events open to the general public that are paid for with public funds.

HB 422              Allen / Bowers

Relating to annual reporting regarding the establishment of certain school district planning and decision-making committees.

HB 637              González, Mary / VanDeaver

Relating to the salaries of the superintendent of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the superintendent of the Texas School for the Deaf.

HB 396              VanDeaver

Relating to acceptable uses of the instructional materials and technology fund and the instructional materials and technology allotment.

HB 125              Martinez

Relating to the online publication of home addresses of certain occupational license holders.

HB 305              Paul / Phelan / Holland

Relating to the requirement that a political subdivision with authority to impose a tax post certain information on an Internet website.

HB 339              Murr / Oliverson / Landgraf / Guillen / Nevárez

Relating to the placement of speed limit signs at the end of construction or maintenance work zones.