Supplemental House Calendar

Tuesday, May 7, 2019



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 12               Davis, Sarah / Harless / Price / Zerwas / Guerra / et al.

Relating to early childhood intervention services.

HB 4347             Anchia / Bonnen, Greg / Zerwas / Moody / Turner, Chris / et al.

Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to use certain tax revenue for hotel and convention center projects and other qualified projects.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3950             Frank / Minjarez / Klick

Relating to the establishment of the child welfare task force and provision of services in the child welfare system.

HB 2726             Kuempel

Relating to the commencement of construction of a project following the issuance of a draft permit for a permit amendment to an air quality permit.

HB 3603             Martinez Fischer

Relating to derivative proceedings on behalf of for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships.

HB 3609             Martinez Fischer

Relating to the filing of an assumed name certificate by certain business entities.

HB 3652             Turner, Chris / Howard / Guerra / Canales / Raymond

Relating to the creation of a state repository for open educational resources by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

HB 4388             Murphy / Huberty / Capriglione / Zerwas / Shine / et al.

Relating to the management of the permanent school fund by the School Land Board and the State Board of Education.

HB 4733             González, Jessica

Relating to the creation of the Oak Farms Municipal Management District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.

HB 3557             Paddie

Relating to civil and criminal liability for engaging in certain conduct involving a critical infrastructure facility; creating criminal offenses.

HB 1968             Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Johnson, Julie / Davis, Sarah / Vo / Paul / et al.

Relating to coverage for treatment of craniofacial abnormalities under certain health benefit plans.

HB 2068             Nevárez

Relating to exemption from jury service of tribal council members of and legislative employees for certain tribal governments.

HB 974              Metcalf / Huberty / Landgraf / González, Mary / Dutton / et al.

Relating to public school safety measures and procedures.

HB 1590             Howard / Morrison / Neave / Hunter / Miller / et al.

Relating to statewide policies and practices, personnel training, evidence collection and preservation, and data collection and analysis regarding the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of sexual assault and other sex offenses.

HB 1832             Johnson, Julie / Oliverson / Lambert / et al.

Relating to prohibited practices relating to health benefit plan coverage for emergency care.

HB 1917             Murphy / Zerwas / Phelan / Thompson, Senfronia / Bonnen, Greg / et al.

Relating to the creation of the disaster response loan fund and the permissible uses of that fund; making an appropriation; authorizing a fee.

HB 4548             Wray

Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in certain counties bordering two populous counties.

HB 2576             Johnson, Jarvis / Raymond

Relating to prescribing and dispensing certain controlled substances to patients diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

HB 4390             Capriglione / Martinez Fischer / Rodriguez / Collier

Relating to the privacy of personal identifying information and the creation of the Texas Privacy Protection Advisory Council.

HB 1563             Nevárez

Relating to the licensing and regulation of animal export-import processing facilities; providing penalties; requiring an occupational license; authorizing fees.

HB 2099             Lambert / Sheffield / Zerwas / Oliverson / Lucio III / et al.

Relating to modification of certain prescription drug benefits and coverage offered by certain health benefit plans.

HB 827              Rose / Raymond / Guillen

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of an improvement that is necessary to support the continued use or existence of a historic site.

HB 2178             Noble

Relating to terminating participation in the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System.

HB 803              Patterson / Canales / Thierry / Toth / Krause / et al.

Relating to financial reporting requirements of a toll project entity.

HB 3910             Sherman, Sr. / Allen / et al.

Relating to the establishment of one or more supplemental county civil service commissions in certain counties.

HB 2586             Leach / Klick / Israel / Moody / Burrows / et al.

Relating to political contributions and political expenditures made to or by political committees or other persons.

HB 3771             Oliverson

Relating to the approval of insurance companies to provide certain structured settlement annuity contracts.

HB 4695             Deshotel

Relating to the administration of the Port of Port Arthur Navigation District of Jefferson County, including the authority to impose taxes.

HB 3782             Harless / Davis, Sarah / Murphy / Thompson, Senfronia / Perez

Relating to the right to remove property encroaching on areas owned or controlled by the Harris County Flood Control District.

HB 4246             Nevárez

Relating to nonsubmetered billing for water or wastewater service.

HB 2578             Thompson, Ed

Relating to toll collection and enforcement by private participants in comprehensive development agreements with the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 1584             Thompson, Senfronia / King, Ken / Kacal / Zedler / Cole / et al.

Relating to health benefit plan coverage of prescription drugs for stage-four advanced, metastatic cancer.

HB 442              Meyer

Relating to the statute of limitations for the offense of abandoning or endangering a child.

HB 4070             Oliverson / Thierry / Murr

Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offense of passing a school bus; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 24               Romero, Jr. / Neave / Burns / et al.

Relating to increasing criminal penalties for certain family violence offenses committed when a child is or may be present during the commission of the offense.

HB 2524             Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Collier

Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offense of theft of service.

HB 1365             Lucio III / Zerwas / Thompson, Senfronia / Anchia / Larson / et al.

Relating to authorizing the possession, use, cultivation, processing, distribution, transportation, research, testing, and delivery of low-THC cannabis for medical use by patients with certain debilitating medical conditions and the licensing of cannabis dispensing organizations, cannabis research organizations, and cannabis testing facilities; establishing the cannabis therapeutic research review board; authorizing fees.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 752              Huffman / et al.

SP: Oliverson

Relating to liability of volunteer health care providers and health care institutions for care, assistance, or advice provided in relation to a disaster.

SB 649              Zaffirini / et al.

SP: Thompson, Ed

Relating to promotion of the use of recyclable materials as feedstock for processing and manufacturing.

SB 1055             Zaffirini

SP: Frullo / Longoria / Blanco

Relating to the administration by the Texas Workforce Commission of a workforce diploma pilot program.

SB 1938             Hancock

SP: Phelan / Raymond / Rodriguez / King, Phil / Frullo / et al.

Relating to certificates of convenience and necessity for the construction of facilities for the transmission of electricity.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********
UNTIL 10:00 AM

HB 3345             Price / Lucio III / Paul / Guillen / Lambert / et al.

Relating to health benefit coverage provided by certain health benefit plans for telemedicine medical services and telehealth services.

HB 1839             Thompson, Senfronia / Rodriguez / Allen / Morales / Farrar / et al.

Relating to the allocation of housing tax credits to developments within proximate geographical areas.

HB 3852             Longoria

Relating to purchasing and contracting by governmental entities; authorizing fees.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 4621             Huberty

Relating to the state sales tax rate and the use of certain revenue from state sales and use taxes to reduce school district maintenance and operations ad valorem tax rates; increasing the rate of a tax.


HJR 3               Huberty

Proposing a constitutional amendment to provide property tax relief by reducing school district maintenance and operations ad valorem tax rates and increasing the state sales and use tax rates.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3703             Klick / Zerwas / Oliverson / Sheffield / Coleman / et al.

Relating to the dispensing, administration, and use of low-THC cannabis; authorizing low-THC cannabis research; authorizing a fee.

HB 2362             Moody / Price

Relating to the standard of proof in health care liability claims involving emergency medical care.

HB 4345             Sanford / Krause / Flynn / Gervin-Hawkins / Rodriguez / et al.

Relating to liability for disclosing certain information regarding sexual misconduct by an employee or volunteer of a charitable organization.

HB 292              Thompson, Senfronia / Landgraf / et al.

Relating to inclusion of instruction on the trafficking of persons in the basic training curriculum for peace officers.

HB 802              Huberty

Relating to voting rights and eligibility for office of residents of certain districts subject to a strategic partnership agreement.

HB 1495             Toth / et al.

Relating to authorization for the creation of a county ethics commission in certain counties.

HB 3614             Rose

Relating to caseworker visitation standards for certain child protective services caseworkers.

HB 2497             Cyrier / Israel / Cole / Rodriguez / Krause

Relating to rules of and appeals to a municipal board of adjustment.

HB 37               Minjarez / Larson / Zedler / Pacheco / Kuempel / et al.

Relating to the creation of the criminal offense of mail theft.

HB 1116             Wray

Relating to the limitations periods for certain suits against real estate appraisers and appraisal firms.

HB 1215             Collier / Swanson / Oliverson / Guillen

Relating to the allocation of low income housing tax credits.

HB 1387             Hefner / Swanson / Pacheco / Dutton / et al.

Relating to the number of school marshals that may be appointed to serve on a public school campus or at a private school.

HB 1914             Moody / Raymond / Guillen

Relating to prompt payment of claims to certain physicians and health care providers.

HB 4448             Springer

Relating to the use of unmanned aircraft.

HB 1469             Thierry / Blanco / Cain

Relating to certain public school workforce training programs funded by the skills development fund.

HB 4183             Parker / Zerwas / Miller / Thompson, Senfronia / Sanford / et al.

Relating to addressing adverse childhood experiences and developing a strategic plan to address those experiences.

HB 3091             Deshotel / Noble / Beckley / Raymond / Shaheen

Relating to the confidentiality of and prohibiting disclosure of the location or physical layout of a family violence shelter center or victims of trafficking shelter center; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1342             Leach / Allen / Toth / Johnson, Jarvis / Rose / et al.

Relating to a person's eligibility for an occupational license; providing an administrative penalty.

HB 3069             González, Mary / Allison / Capriglione / Longoria / Rose / et al.

Relating to the establishment of a grant program for promoting computer science certification and professional development in coding, technology applications, and computer science for public school teachers.

HB 2813             Price / Raymond

Relating to the statewide behavioral health coordinating council.

HB 739              Harless / Guillen / Raymond

Relating to tuition and fees for certain military spouses and dependents.

HB 2165             Hernandez

Relating to the sale by certain alcoholic beverage permit or license holders of alcoholic beverages at a cost below the cost to the seller.

HB 1850             Klick

Relating to requiring counties to publish voter information during the early voting period.

HB 2184             Allen / White / Wu / Phelan / Morales

Relating to a public school student's transition from an alternative education program to a regular classroom.

HB 2177             Miller

Relating to license terms and fees and registration and listing fees for certain child-care facilities.

HB 1941             Phelan

Relating to unconscionable prices charged by certain health care facilities for medical care.

HB 897              Ortega / Lucio III / Vo / Oliverson / Lambert

Relating to safety requirements for a person directly operating an amusement ride.

HB 1930             White

Relating to the establishment of a charter school by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

HB 2715             Rodriguez

Relating to a study by the Texas Department of Transportation on shared motor-assisted scooters.

HB 2248             Wray

Relating to the disposition and removal of a decedent's remains.

HB 2478             Deshotel / Beckley

Relating to driver's licenses, commercial driver's licenses, and other identification certificates; authorizing and increasing fees.

HB 2210             Bell, Keith / Hinojosa / Darby / Clardy / Springer / et al.

Relating to the consideration for public school accountability purposes of certain students receiving residential services in state hospitals.

HB 1888             Bonnen, Greg / Noble / Springer / et al.

Relating to temporary branch polling place hours of operation.

HB 3759             Nevárez

Relating to the type of newspaper required for publication of notice.

HB 2613             Frullo

Relating to the offense of operation of a stash house and to funding certain crime victim services through the use of money derived from a civil asset forfeiture of contraband related to that offense, human smuggling and trafficking offenses, and certain prostitution offenses; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3855             Longoria / Murphy

Relating to methods of computing interest charges on certain consumer loans.

HB 3059             Holland / Landgraf

Relating to the requirement that motor vehicle dealers apply for the registration of and title for certain vehicles sold by the dealer.

HB 4242             Bernal / Talarico / Lopez / Ramos

Relating to the consideration of reading level in the adoption of certain assessment instruments and associated student performance levels and to the temporary suspension of accountability sanctions for public schools.

HB 1631             Stickland / Collier / Burrows / Thompson, Senfronia / et al.

Relating to prohibiting the use of photographic traffic signal enforcement systems.

HB 4289             Coleman

Relating to the authority of certain local governments to create and operate health care provider participation programs.

HB 634              Buckley / Shine / Lambert / Cortez

Relating to the applicability of the law governing the provision of state aid to certain local governments disproportionately affected by the granting of ad valorem tax relief to disabled veterans.

HB 4280             Morrison / Landgraf / Nevárez / Craddick / King, Tracy O. / et al.

Relating to the grant program distributing money from the transportation infrastructure fund.

HB 3193             Hinojosa

Relating to the licensing of a home and community support services agency; increasing fees.

HB 2802             Darby

Relating to the amounts, availability, and use of certain statutorily dedicated revenue and accounts; reducing or affecting the amounts of certain statutorily dedicated fees.

HB 4531             Neave

Relating to the rights and treatment of and services provided to certain adult sexual assault survivors.

HB 2754             White / Thompson, Senfronia / Toth / Krause / Coleman / et al.

Relating to a limitation on the authority to arrest a person for certain misdemeanors punishable by fine only.

HB 4165             Pacheco / Cortez / Allison / Gervin-Hawkins / Minjarez / et al.

Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.

HB 3672             Murr

Relating to the collection and reporting of data on services provided by chemical dependency treatment facilities.

HB 831              Huberty

Relating to the residency requirement to be eligible for public office.

HB 3683             Dutton

Relating to authorizing a dropout recovery competency-based educational pilot program provided through a campus or campus program charter or open-enrollment charter school.

HB 2872             Burrows / Murphy / Springer

Relating to the collection, remittance, and administration of certain taxes on motor vehicles rented through a marketplace rental provider.

HB 3824             Sherman, Sr.

Relating to an affirmative finding of family violence entered in the trial of certain offenses.

HB 3496             Sheffield

Relating to the licensing and regulation of certain pharmacies; providing an administrative penalty.

HB 1401             Howard / Zerwas

Relating to the use of money from the permanent fund for health-related programs to provide grants to nursing education programs.

HB 2503             Kacal

Relating to workers' compensation death benefit eligibility for certain spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty.

HB 2898             Fierro

Relating to voting outside of the polling place.

HB 3991             Bohac / González, Mary / Miller

Relating to the deaf-blind with multiple disabilities waiver program.

HB 4132             Rodriguez

Relating to maintenance and production of electronic public information under the public information law.

HB 993              Coleman

Relating to notice to a prospective residential tenant regarding flooding and flood insurance.

HB 4298             Murr

Relating to the licensing of satellite offices of outpatient chemical dependency care facilities.

HB 1308             Calanni / Zerwas / Longoria

Relating to the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety standards in certain municipalities.

HB 201              Stephenson

Relating to the composition of the combative sports advisory board.

HB 3040             Hunter

Relating to an interim study by the Texas Commission on Judicial Selection regarding the method by which certain trial and appellate judges are selected.

HB 2797             Hinojosa / Gutierrez / Moody / Rose / Wray

Relating to evaluation under the state accountability system of school district campuses that enroll certain students who receive special education services.

HB 3301             Darby / Lambert / Clardy

Relating to merger agreements among certain hospitals; imposing fees.

HB 2155             Guerra

Relating to a grant program to reduce wait times for agricultural inspections of vehicles at ports of entry along the Texas-Mexico border.

HB 1992             Leman / Hefner / et al.

Relating to prohibiting telemarketers from transmitting misleading caller identification information or otherwise misrepresenting the origin of a telemarketing call.

HB 1635             Miller / Davis, Sarah

Relating to health benefit plan coverage for early childhood intervention services.

HB 362              Israel / Capriglione / Longoria / Klick / Anchia / et al.

Relating to the creation of a fund to assist local governments with the acquisition of voting system equipment.

HB 2929             Leach

Relating to hospital liens.

HB 3906             Huberty

Relating to the administration of assessment instruments used to assess the performance of public school students.

HB 4152             Nevárez

Relating to use of hotel occupancy tax be certain counties.

HB 4228             Nevárez

Relating to the use of municipal hotel occupancy tax revenue in certain municipalities.

HB 1739             Geren / Davis, Yvonne / Shine / Leach / Kuempel / et al.

Relating to recovery under uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance coverage.

HB 4726             Dominguez

Relating to the creation of the Cameron County Flood Control District; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes and to issue bonds.

HB 1916             Miller / Zerwas / Howard / Meyer / Wu / et al.

Relating to requiring evidence-based trauma training for certain attorneys.

HB 3439             Patterson / Parker / Shaheen / Geren / Phelan / et al.

Relating to the authority of a municipality or county to require a labor peace agreement as a condition of engaging in a commercial transaction with the municipality or county.

HB 29               Minjarez / Klick / Moody / Coleman / Parker / et al.

Relating to the regulation of the practice of physical therapy.

HB 3148             Parker / Springer / Zerwas / Lucio III

Relating to the administration and oversight of investigational adult stem cell treatments administered to certain patients.

HB 1113             Davis, Sarah / Price / Thompson, Senfronia / Leach / Coleman / et al.

Relating to state contract limitations and programs for sex trafficking prevention and victim treatment.

HB 1770             Martinez / Sheffield

Relating to the offense of passing certain vehicles on a highway.

HB 3631             Bailes

Relating to the confidentiality of the e-mail address of an applicant for or holder of a license issued by certain state agencies.

HB 2894             Collier

Relating to the prosecution of health care fraud; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1380             Murr

Relating to the jurisdiction of certain courts and fees collected by a justice court; increasing a fee.

HB 2013             Gervin-Hawkins

Relating to the implementation of certain rules regarding public school accountability adopted by the commissioner of education or the Texas Education Agency.

HB 388              Murphy / Middleton

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of real property leased to and used by certain schools.

HB 1873             Dominguez

Relating to a report by the Texas Division of Emergency Management regarding building trade services following disasters.

HB 2366             Darby

Relating to the regulation of motor fuel quality and motor fuel metering devices.

HB 2131             Walle

Relating to a public defender's investigation into a defendant's finances.

HB 2858             Toth / Romero, Jr.

Relating to adoption of a uniform swimming pool and spa code for use in municipalities in this state.

HB 2620             Martinez

Relating to the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles, including the enforcement of motor vehicle size and weight limitations; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2159             Meyer

Relating to the correction of an ad valorem tax appraisal roll.

HB 2151             Muńoz, Jr.

Relating to the use of extrapolation by a health maintenance organization or an insurer to audit claims.

HB 2020             Kacal / Harris

Relating to the release of defendants on bail.

HB 3469             Wilson

Relating to a study by the Texas Department of Transportation on the feasibility of charging a pavement consumption fee for the operation of certain motor vehicles on public highways.

HB 2163             Bernal

Relating to the types of vehicles regulated as neighborhood electric vehicles.

HB 2367             Bonnen, Greg

Relating to a prohibition on bids by certain insurance and health benefit providers to administer or provide coverage under certain group benefit plans for governmental employees.

HB 2401             Deshotel

Relating to the requirement that state agency employees complete cybersecurity awareness training.

HB 3579             Burrows

Relating to the calculation, collection, and remittance of state hotel occupancy taxes.

HB 2168             Allen

Relating to a trauma history screening for certain defendants and inmates.

HB 2062             Guerra

Relating to reimbursement for home telemonitoring services under Medicaid.

HB 2689             Dean / Capriglione / Bernal / Blanco / Wray

Relating to the designation of a cybersecurity coordinator by each school district.

HB 2667             Guillen

Relating to the licensing and regulation of certain occupations and activities; providing administrative penalties; requiring occupational licenses; authorizing fees; creating criminal offenses.

HB 2879             Raney

Relating to a competitive grant program to fund promotion of early literacy programs in certain communities in this state.

HB 2655             Rosenthal / Allen / Talarico / Toth / Lopez / et al.

Relating to an active shooter emergency protocol for public school districts and required active shooter training for school district peace officers and school resource officers.

HB 1686             Smith

Relating to the application for and duration of a protective order for victims of certain offenses; enhancing a criminal penalty.

HB 4413             Buckley

Relating to state occupational licensing of certain military service members, military veterans, and military spouses.

HB 3000             Talarico / Capriglione / Dean

Relating to student data security in public schools.

HB 3460             Thompson, Ed

Relating to the route designation for the issuance of a permit for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles in certain counties.

HB 1782             Cortez / Guillen

Relating to a plan to increase the use of telemedicine  medical services and telehealth services in this state.

HB 3204             Sanford / Swanson

Relating to the form of ballot propositions and certain voter information document requirements for an election seeking authorization for the issuance of school district bonds supported by property taxes.

HB 4416             Middleton

Relating to the qualifications necessary for a political party to have the names of its nominees placed on the ballot.

HB 4163             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the authority of a court to grant a commutation of punishment for certain persons released on parole.

HB 3384             Shine

Relating to the authority of the comptroller to conduct a limited-scope review of an appraisal district located in an area declared by the governor to be a disaster area.

HB 838              Deshotel / Thompson, Ed

Relating to an agreement between the Department of Public Safety and a county, municipality, or private vendor for the issuance of renewal and duplicate driver's licenses and other identification certificate services; increasing a fee.

HB 4202             Smithee

Relating to the authority of a court to grant a motion for a new trial in certain criminal cases.

HB 760              Wu

Relating to the punishment for the criminal offense of theft involving a package delivered to or collected from a residential or commercial property; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 2786             Button / Perez / Burrows / Hinojosa / Leach / et al.

Relating to employee turnover reporting during a day-care center's, group day-care home's, or registered family home's license or registration renewal.

HB 3850             Deshotel

Relating to the funding of certain ship channel improvements; authorizing the Texas Transportation Commission to issue revenue bonds.

HB 3511             VanDeaver / Anchia / Thompson, Senfronia / Murphy / Lozano

Relating to the creation of the Commission on Texas Workforce of the Future.

HB 3635             Turner, John / Longoria / Bonnen, Greg / Collier / Hefner

Relating to financial assistance paid to the survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public employees killed in the line of duty.

HB 4186             Sanford / Talarico

Relating to the creation of a committee to recommend a framework to incorporate digital teaching and learning in public schools.

HB 2490             Wu / Frank / Hinojosa / Goodwin / Bucy

Relating to the system for maintaining records relating to children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 1748             Oliverson

Relating to continuing education requirements for surgical technologists.

HB 1457             Dominguez

Relating to the eligibility of certain attorneys to be employed by a public defender's office.

HB 3535             Phelan / et al.

Relating to the payment of certain fees to municipalities by entities that provide telecommunications and cable or video services.

HB 1133             Stickland

Relating to public school class size limits.

HB 3622             Paddie / Geren

Relating to the adoption of certain plumbing codes by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.

HB 1951             Krause / Metcalf / Leman / et al.

Relating to the development, construction, and operation of toll projects; authorizing an administrative fee; imposing a civil penalty.

********** RESOLUTIONS CALENDAR **********

HCR 135             Bonnen, Greg

Relating to adopting a Joint Rule of the Senate and House of Representatives assigning to each bill passed by the legislature a legislative act number.

HR 1160             Parker

Urging Congress to unite in bipartisan support for the ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.