Senate Bills Returned from House with Amendments for 5/21/2019



May 21, 2019

SB 7 Creighton/ Alvarado/ Bettencourt/ Buckingham/ Flores/ et al. SP: Phelan

Relating to flood planning, mitigation, and infrastructure projects; making an appropriation.

SB 16 Hancock/ et al. SP: Stucky/ Thompson, Senfronia/ et al.

Relating to a student loan repayment assistance program for certain full-time peace officers in this state.

SB 22 Campbell/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Creighton/ et al. SP: Noble/ Morrison/ et al.

Relating to prohibiting certain transactions between a governmental entity and an abortion provider or affiliate of the provider.

SB 25 West/ et al. SP: Turner, Chris/ Stucky/ et al.

Relating to measures to facilitate the transfer, academic progress, and timely graduation of students in public higher education.

SB 38 Zaffirini/ Campbell/ et al. SP: Lozano/ Frullo

Relating to the offense of hazing.

SB 68 Nelson/ et al. SP: Schaefer

Relating to strategic fiscal reviews of state agencies and programs.

SB 69 Nelson SP: Capriglione/ Zerwas/ et al.

Relating to the allocations of money for transfer to the state highway fund and the economic stabilization fund and the investment of money in the economic stabilization fund.

SB 289 Lucio SP: Morrison/ Coleman/ et al.

Relating to disaster housing recovery.

SB 346 Zaffirini/ et al. SP: Leach/ Collier/ et al.

Relating to the consolidation, allocation, classification, and repeal of certain criminal court costs and other court-related costs, fines, and fees; imposing certain court costs and fees and increasing and decreasing the amounts of certain other court costs and fees.

SB 479 Watson/ et al. SP: Longoria

Relating to the inclusion in the definition of a medical and dental unit of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin and the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and the participation of those schools in certain programs and funding.

SB 531 Birdwell/ et al. SP: Lozano

Relating to the sources of funding for the Texas emissions reduction plan.

SB 568 Huffman SP: Bonnen, Greg/ Collier

Relating to the regulation of child-care facilities and family homes; providing administrative penalties.

SB 572 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Rodriguez/ VanDeaver/ et al.

Relating to the regulation of cottage food production operations.

SB 583 Hinojosa SP: Rose

Relating to the appointment of a local public defender's office to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases.

SB 616 Birdwell/ et al. SP: Paddie

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas, the conditional transfer of the driver licensing program to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the abolition of the Texas Private Security Board, the transfer of the motorcycle and off-highway vehicle operator training programs to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and the regulation of other programs administered by the Department of Public Safety; imposing an administrative penalty; authorizing and repealing the authorization for fees.

SB 619 Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Hall/ Nichols/ Watson SP: Paddie

Relating to the sunset review process and certain governmental entities subject to that process.

SB 632 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Price/ Coleman/ et al.

Relating to the composition of the governing bodies and the consultation policies of local mental health authorities with respect to sheriffs, their representatives, and local law enforcement agencies.

SB 667 Zaffirini SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to guardianships, management trusts, and certain other procedures and proceedings for persons who are incapacitated.

SB 708 Zaffirini/ et al. SP: Raney/ Hinojosa/ et al.

Relating to collection and use of child safety data for licensed day-care centers.

SB 709 West/ Seliger SP: Frullo/ Stucky/ et al.

Relating to the allocation and use of the annual constitutional appropriation to certain agencies and institutions of higher education.

SB 719 Fallon/ et al. SP: Frank

Relating to increasing the punishment for certain conduct constituting the offense of murder and providing for the prosecution of that conduct as capital murder.

SB 747 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Lucio III

Relating to required notice of the cost and health benefit plan coverage of newborn screening tests.

SB 748 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Davis, Sarah/ Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to newborn screening and the newborn screening preservation account.

SB 749 Kolkhorst SP: Price/ et al.

Relating to level of care designations for hospitals that provide neonatal and maternal care.

SB 750 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Button/ Frank/ et al.

Relating to maternal and newborn health care and the quality of services provided to women in this state under certain health care programs.

SB 810 Perry/ Flores/ et al. SP: Cyrier/ Larson/ et al.

Relating to the identification of breeder deer.

SB 916 Johnson SP: Zerwas

Relating to supportive palliative care.

SB 943 Watson/ Buckingham/ Hinojosa/ Rodríguez/ et al. SP: Capriglione/ Phelan/ et al.

Relating to the disclosure of certain contracting information under the public information law.

SB 952 Watson/ et al. SP: Lucio III/ Miller

Relating to standards for nutrition, physical activity, and screen time for certain child-care facilities and homes.

SB 1091 Nichols SP: Ashby

Relating to vehicles eligible for veteran toll discount programs.

SB 1151 Huffman SP: Longoria

Relating to the comptroller's access to criminal history record information of wrongfully imprisoned persons.

SB 1164 Rodríguez SP: Moody

Relating to the disposition of an item bearing a counterfeit trademark seized in connection with a criminal offense.

SB 1207 Perry/ et al. SP: Krause/ Parker/ et al.

Relating to the operation and administration of Medicaid, including the Medicaid managed care program and the medically dependent children (MDCP) waiver program.

SB 1210 Hancock SP: Harless

Relating to the removal, destruction, and disposal of certain alcoholic beverages that become unfit for consumption after a natural disaster.

SB 1214 Schwertner/ Seliger SP: Wilson

Relating to the sales and use tax exemption for certain aircraft.

SB 1238 Johnson SP: Rose/ Collier/ et al.

Relating to the admission, examination, and discharge of a person for voluntary mental health services.

SB 1264 Hancock/ et al. SP: Oliverson/ Martinez Fischer/ et al.

Relating to consumer protections against certain medical and health care billing by certain out-of-network providers.

SB 1283 Miles/ et al. SP: Wu/ Klick/ et al.

Relating to the availability under Medicaid of certain drugs used to treat human immunodeficiency virus or prevent acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

SB 1319 Birdwell/ Watson SP: Murphy

Relating to an annual report submitted to the comptroller by a county that imposes certain hotel occupancy taxes.

SB 1414 Hancock SP: Phelan

Relating to fees regarding a residential tenant's failure to timely pay rent.

SB 1494 Paxton/ et al. SP: Wu/ Miller/ et al.

Relating to the confidentiality of personal information of certain employees and contractors of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

SB 1621 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Price

Relating to creating a license for certain rural medical facilities; requiring a license; authorizing fees.

SB 1640 Watson/ Bettencourt/ et al. SP: Phelan/ Murr/ et al.

Relating to the open meetings law.

SB 1823 Campbell SP: Murphy

Relating to the regulation of state banks, state trust companies, and third-party service providers of state banks and state trust companies.

SB 1827 Menéndez SP: Lambert

Relating to the possession and emergency administration of an epinephrine auto-injector by law enforcement agencies and peace officers.

SB 1852 Paxton SP: Smithee

Relating to disclosures required in connection with the issuance of certain health benefit plans.

SB 1876 Fallon/ Taylor SP: Krause

Relating to a request for binding arbitration to appeal appraisal review board orders involving two or more contiguous tracts of land.

SB 1887 Huffman/ et al. SP: Murr

Relating to jurisdiction over certain child protection and juvenile matters involving juvenile offenders.

SB 1928 Fallon SP: Krause

Relating to a certificate of merit in certain actions against certain licensed or registered professionals.

SB 1978 Hughes/ et al. SP: Krause/ Sanford/ et al.

Relating to the protection of membership in, affiliation with, and support provided to religious organizations.

SB 2119 Alvarado SP: Goldman/ Herrero

Relating to the transfer of the regulation of motor fuel metering and motor fuel quality from the Department of Agriculture to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation; providing civil and administrative penalties; creating criminal offenses; requiring occupational licenses; authorizing fees.

SB 2182 Nelson SP: Parker

Relating to the eligibility of certain events for funding under the Major Events Reimbursement Program.

SB 2212 Taylor SP: Paul/ Phelan/ et al.

Relating to the maintenance and operation of certain projects by certain drainage districts.

SB 2223 Creighton SP: Canales/ Cain

Relating to the efficient provision of pilot services by the board of pilot commissioners for Harris County ports.

SB 2293 Fallon SP: Dutton

Relating to the applicability of certain laws to open-enrollment charter schools.

SB 2315 Hinojosa SP: Herrero/ Coleman

Relating to the creation and operations of a health care provider participation program by the Nueces County Hospital District.

SB 2342 Creighton SP: Leach

Relating to the jurisdiction of, and practices and procedures in civil cases before, justice courts, county courts, statutory county courts, and district courts.

SB 2432 Taylor SP: Sanford

Relating to the removal of a public school student from the classroom following certain conduct.

SB 2535 Fallon SP: Sanford

Relating to the powers and duties of the Lakehaven Municipal Utility District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose a tax.

SB 2551 Hinojosa/ et al. SP: Burrows/ Moody/ et al.

Relating to liability, payment, and death benefits for certain workers' compensation claims.