Senate Floor Action for 5/2/2019



May 2, 2019

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SB 426 Lucio

Relating to the use of public school counselors' work time.

SB 429 (CS)Lucio/ et al.

Relating to a comprehensive plan for increasing and improving the workforce in this state to serve persons with mental health and substance use issues.

SB 722 (CS)Campbell/ et al.

Relating to a severance payment to a superintendent or administrator serving as educational leader and chief executive officer of a school district or an open-enrollment charter school.

SB 871 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the creation of the Caldwell County Municipal Utility District No. 2; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.

SB 933 (CS)Bettencourt/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ Creighton/ Fallon/ et al.

Relating to the creation of the office of inspector general at the Texas Education Agency to investigate the administration of public education.

4 Floor Amendments

SB 1045 (CS) (LC)Hughes

Relating to academic accountability ratings for certain school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and contracted entities that offer full-time online programs through the state virtual school network.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1096 (CS)Perry/ et al.

Relating to certain benefits provided through the Medicaid managed care program, including pharmacy benefits.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1192 (LC)West/ et al.

Relating to the Texas college work-study program and to establishing a program for the off-campus employment of certain students at public or private institutions of higher education.

SB 1309 Bettencourt/ et al.

Relating to the assessment and collection of ad valorem taxes imposed by a school district.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1422 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the creation of the Maxwell Special Utility District; providing authority to issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to impose fees and assessments.

SB 1454 (CS)Taylor/ et al.

Relating to the ownership, sale, lease, and disposition of property and management of assets of an open-enrollment charter school.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1468 (CS)Campbell

Relating to annexation by certain municipalities of a special district under a strategic partnership agreement.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1659 (CS)Watson/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Hall/ et al.

Relating to the management of the permanent school fund by the School Land Board and the State Board of Education and a study regarding distributions from the permanent school fund to the available school fund.

2 Floor Amendments

SB 1828 (LC)Menéndez/ et al.

Relating to Holocaust Remembrance Week in public schools.

SB 1854 Paxton/ et al.

Relating to the inclusion of local school health advisory councils as governmental bodies for purposes of the open meetings law and the public information law.

SB 1876 (LC)Fallon/ Taylor

Relating to a request for binding arbitration to appeal appraisal review board orders involving two or more contiguous tracts of land.

SB 1943 (CS)Watson

Relating to the ad valorem taxation of heir property.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 81 (LC)Canales/ Capriglione/ Burrows/ Phelan/ Nevárez/ et al. SP: Hinojosa/ et al.

Relating to the disclosure under the public information law of certain information related to parades, concerts, or other entertainment events open to the general public that are paid for with public funds.

HB 302 (LC)Paul/ Nevárez/ Burns/ King, Phil/ Guillen/ et al. SP: Hughes

Relating to the carrying, storage, or possession of a firearm or firearm ammunition by certain persons on certain residential or commercial property.

HB 306 (CS)Herrero/ Price/ Lozano/ Miller/ Blanco/ et al. SP: Hinojosa

Relating to the creation of an open burn pit registry for certain service members and veterans.

HB 793 King, Phil/ Goldman/ Davis, Sarah/ Parker/ Oliverson/ et al. SP: Creighton

Relating to certain government contracts with companies that boycott Israel.

HB 1159 (LC)Price/ Krause/ Meyer/ Minjarez/ Moody SP: Watson

Relating to the acknowledgment of a written instrument on behalf of a limited liability company or partnership.

HB 1241 (LC)Bucy/ Cortez/ Klick/ Cain/ Moody/ et al. SP: Powell/ et al.

Relating to the content of a polling place location notice.

HB 1409 (LC)Ashby/ Bailes/ Paddie/ White/ Clardy/ et al. SP: Nichols

Relating to the qualification of land for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as timber land or restricted-use timber land.

HB 1422 (CS)Paddie SP: Buckingham

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Historical Commission.

2 Floor Amendments

HB 1689 (LC)Deshotel SP: Miles

Relating to disclosure regarding the existence of a gestational agreement in a suit for the dissolution of a marriage and standing of an intended parent under a gestational agreement to file a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 1802 (LC)Bohac SP: Hancock

Relating to a request for binding arbitration of certain appraisal review board orders.

HB 1995 King, Tracy O. SP: Hinojosa

Relating to the distribution to the Texas Racing Commission of certain money deducted from simulcast pari-mutuel pools.

HB 2016 (LC)Guillen/ Raymond SP: Alvarado

Relating to the sale of certain wine by the holder of a wine and beer retailer's permit or mixed beverage permit.

HB 2263 (LC)Paddie/ Phelan/ Price/ Springer/ Hernandez/ et al. SP: Hancock

Relating to the sale of electric power to certain public customers.

The Senate suspended the regular order, read second time and passed to engrossment:

SB 117 Creighton

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of possessing a weapon in certain prohibited places associated with schools or postsecondary educational institutions.

SB 2243 (CS)Paxton/ Campbell/ Hughes/ Kolkhorst/ et al.

Relating to required counseling before an abortion is performed.

1 Floor Amendment

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 635 Flores

Recognizing Daniel Scott Shaw on the occasion of his retirement.

SR 684 Watson/ Huffman/ Nelson

Recognizing May 2019 as Cancer Research Month in Texas.

SR 685 Menéndez

Recognizing the contributions of current and former Latino and Latina elected officials.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 2558 Zaffirini

Relating to the creation of the Lone Oak Farm Municipal Utility District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 2559 Creighton

Relating to supplemental environmental projects authorized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Natural Resources & Economic Development