Senate Floor Action - 2 for 5/10/2019



May 10, 2019

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SB 139 (CS)Rodríguez/ et al.

Relating to a notice of educational rights for certain student evaluations.

SB 293 (CS)Lucio/ et al.

Relating to improving training and staff development for primary and secondary educators to enable them to more effectively serve all students.

SB 869 (CS)Zaffirini

Relating to guidelines for policies of school districts and open-enrollment charter schools for the care of certain students at risk for anaphylaxis.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 947 Campbell/ et al.

Relating to the ability of certain students to enroll full-time in courses provided through the state virtual school network.

SB 1145 (CS) (LC)Johnson/ West

Relating to reports on the prevalence of eating disorders and eating disorder-related deaths in this state.

SB 1294 Powell

Relating to water-related exemptions from sales and use taxes.

SB 1623 (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to nonprofit legal services corporations.

SB 1637 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to the administrative, civil, and criminal consequences, including fines, fees, and costs, imposed on persons arrested for, charged with, or convicted of certain criminal offenses.

SB 1689 (CS)West

Relating to the creation and use of public facilities corporations.

SB 1987 Creighton

Relating to the selection and administration of an appraisal review board in certain counties; authorizing a fee.

HJR 12 Zerwas/ Davis, Sarah/ Thompson, Senfronia/ Morrison/ Coleman/ et al. SP: Nelson/ Watson/ et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to increase the maximum bond amount authorized for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

HB 71 Martinez/ Guillen SP: Lucio

Relating to the creation of regional transit authorities; granting the power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds and charge fees; creating a criminal offense.

HB 791 (LC)Huberty/ Springer/ Ashby/ King, Ken/ Guillen SP: Flores

Relating to the definition of volunteer fire department for purposes of certain motor fuel tax exemptions.

HB 1540 (LC)Thompson, Senfronia/ Flynn/ Lambert/ Paddie/ Nevárez/ et al. SP: Hall

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Funeral Service Commission; authorizing fees.

HB 1656 (LC)Kacal SP: Birdwell

Relating to the issuance of 173rd Airborne Brigade specialty license plates.

HB 2196 (CS) (LC)Harris/ Clardy/ Guillen SP: Nichols

Relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages on certain property owned or leased by the Texas State Railroad Authority.

HB 2243 (LC)Oliverson/ Bowers SP: Buckingham

Relating to the use of prescription asthma medicine on public and private school campuses.

HB 2338 (LC)Noble SP: Hughes

Relating to the exemption from the taxes imposed on the sale, use, or rental of a motor vehicle for certain motor vehicles used for religious purposes.

HB 2425 Kacal SP: Schwertner

Relating to the authority of physicians to delegate to certain pharmacists the implementation and modification of a patient's drug therapy.

HB 2458 (LC)Capriglione/ Parker SP: Fallon

Relating to the operation and administration of the Texas Bullion Depository.

HB 2551 (LC)Bucy SP: Watson

Relating to cosigners on driver's license applications of minors.

HB 2570 Zerwas SP: Nelson/ Watson/ et al.

Relating to the award of grants by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Oversight Committee and to the payment of claims related to those grants by the comptroller of public accounts.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 728 Lucio

Recognizing Ida Hagg for her work with the AdoptaPlatoon Soldier Support Effort.

The Senate refused to concur in House amendments and requested the appointment of a Conference Committee on the following:

SB 12 (CS)Huffman/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ Flores/ et al. SP: Bonnen, Greg/ Murphy/ et al.

Relating to the contributions to and benefits under the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

Committee referral on the following:

HJR 82 Craddick/ Landgraf/ Nevárez/ Paddie/ Guillen/ et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of and use of money in the generate recurring oil wealth for Texas (GROW Texas) fund and allocating certain general revenues to that fund, the economic stabilization fund, and the state highway fund.


HB 634 Buckley/ Shine/ Raymond/ Lambert/ Cortez

Relating to the applicability of the law governing the provision of state aid to certain local governments disproportionately affected by the granting of ad valorem tax relief to disabled veterans.


HB 720 Larson

Relating to appropriations of water for recharge of aquifers and use in aquifer storage and recovery projects.

Water & Rural Affairs

HB 722 Larson

Relating to the development of brackish groundwater.

Water & Rural Affairs

HB 1052 Larson/ Toth

Relating to the authority of the Texas Water Development Board to use the state participation account of the water development fund to provide financial assistance for the development of certain facilities.

Water & Rural Affairs

HB 1399 Smith/ Phelan/ Moody/ Button

Relating to the creation and storage of DNA records for a person arrested for certain felony offenses.

State Affairs

HB 1770 Martinez/ Sheffield/ Guillen

Relating to regulation and liability of certain vehicles on a highway; increasing a criminal penalty.


HB 1916 Miller/ Zerwas/ Howard/ Meyer/ Wu/ et al.

Relating to requiring trauma training for certain attorneys.

State Affairs

HB 2159 Meyer/ et al.

Relating to the correction of an ad valorem tax appraisal roll.

Property Tax

HB 2163 Bernal/ et al.

Relating to the types of vehicles regulated as neighborhood electric vehicles.


HB 2184 Allen/ White/ Wu/ Phelan/ Morales

Relating to a public school student's transition from an alternative education program to a regular classroom.


HB 2401 Deshotel/ Beckley

Relating to the requirement that state agency employees complete cybersecurity awareness training.

Business & Commerce

HB 2490 Wu/ Frank/ Hinojosa/ Goodwin/ Bucy

Relating to the system for maintaining records relating to children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Health & Human Services

HB 2620 Martinez

Relating to the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles, including the enforcement of motor vehicle size and weight limitations; creating a criminal offense.


HB 2655 Rosenthal/ Allen/ Talarico/ Toth/ Lopez/ et al.

Relating to an active shooter emergency protocol for public school districts and required active shooter response training for school district peace officers and school resource officers.


HB 2689 Dean/ Capriglione/ Bernal/ Blanco/ Wray

Relating to the designation of a cybersecurity coordinator by each school district.


HB 2786 Button/ Perez/ Burrows/ Hinojosa/ Leach/ et al.

Relating to employee turnover reporting during a day-care center's, group day-care home's, or registered family home's license or registration renewal.

Health & Human Services

HB 2797 Hinojosa/ Gutierrez/ Moody/ Rose/ Wray

Relating to evaluation under the state accountability system of school district campuses that enroll certain students who receive special education services.


HB 2858 Toth/ Romero, Jr.

Relating to adoption of a uniform swimming pool and spa code for use in municipalities in this state.

Business & Commerce

HB 2894 Collier

Relating to the prosecution of health care fraud; creating a criminal offense.

Criminal Justice

HB 2929 Leach

Relating to hospital liens.

State Affairs

HB 3000 Talarico/ Capriglione/ Dean

Relating to student data security in public schools.


HB 3148 Parker/ Springer/ Zerwas/ Lucio III/ et al.

Relating to the administration and oversight of investigational adult stem cell treatments administered to certain patients.

Health & Human Services

HB 3266 Raney/ Larson/ Sheffield/ Flynn/ Bell, Cecil/ et al.

Relating to fees charged to students enrolled at component institutions of The Texas A&M University System.

Higher Education

HB 3301 Darby/ Lambert/ Clardy

Relating to merger agreements among certain hospitals; imposing fees.

Business & Commerce

HB 3631 Bailes

Relating to the confidentiality of the e-mail address of an applicant for or holder of a license issued by certain state agencies.

Business & Commerce

HB 3635 Turner, John/ Longoria/ Bonnen, Greg/ Collier/ Hefner

Relating to financial assistance paid to the survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public employees killed in the line of duty.

State Affairs

HB 3703 Klick/ Zerwas/ Oliverson/ Sheffield/ Coleman/ et al.

Relating to the dispensing, administration, and use of low-THC cannabis; authorizing low-THC cannabis research; authorizing a fee.

Health & Human Services

HB 3824 Sherman, Sr./ et al.

Relating to an affirmative finding of family violence entered in the trial of certain offenses and to service of a notice of a temporary ex parte family violence protective order.

Criminal Justice

HB 3838 Bailes/ et al.

Relating to a disclosure in certain offers to purchase a mineral or royalty interest.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

HB 3906 Huberty/ Guillen

Relating to the administration of assessment instruments used to assess the performance of public school students.


HB 4165 Pacheco/ Cortez/ Allison/ Gervin-Hawkins/ Minjarez/ et al.

Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.

Higher Education

HB 4202 Smithee/ Wu/ Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the authority of a court to grant a motion for a new trial in certain criminal cases.

Criminal Justice

HB 4726 Dominguez

Relating to the creation of the Cameron County Flood Control District; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes and to issue bonds.

Intergovernmental Relations

Committee re-referral on the following:

HB 2176 Leman SP: Kolkhorst

Relating to the authority of the Lavaca Hospital District to lease district property.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2586 Leach/ Klick/ Israel/ Moody/ Burrows/ et al. SP: Hughes

Relating to political contributions and political expenditures made to or by political committees or other persons.


HB 2910 Klick

Relating to the confidentiality of certain personal information of certain persons obtained for the purposes of voting.


HB 4695 Deshotel SP: Creighton

Relating to the administration of the Port of Port Arthur Navigation District of Jefferson County, including the authority to impose taxes.

Texas Ports, Select