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View Senate Calendars and Agenda Items

Senate Calendars and Agenda Items

The senate agenda includes the following information:

  1. notice of intent, giving the number, author or sponsor, and short caption for each measure that may be considered during the day’s session;
  2. list of senate bills returned from the house with amendments;
  3. status of bills in conference committees, giving a short caption and brief history of the action on the bills;
  4. local and uncontested bills calendar;
  5. gubernatorial appointments to boards and commissions that have been reported favorably from the Senate Committee on Nominations and are awaiting confirmation by the senate;
  6. committee hearings scheduled, including short captions for all measures scheduled to be considered by the committees;
  7. regular order of business, listing all bills and resolutions that have been reported favorably from committees in the order in which they were reported to the senate;
  8. miscellaneous announcements;
  9. senate floor action, giving the numbers and short captions for and action taken on all measures brought up for consideration during the previous legislative day;
  10. senate committee action, giving the same information for all measures considered by committees on the previous day; and
  11. morning call, which includes senate and house bills and resolutions on first reading and referral to committee, the introduction and consideration of memorial and congratulatory resolutions, messages and executive communications, and other motions.

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