To find information on Texas government agencies and services, including online services such as license and vehicle registration renewals and permit applications:
Use the website.

To request action by the legislature or express your opinion on a legislative issue:
  1. Go to the Who Represents Me? website to identify your representatives or to get contact information for them.
  2. Go to the committee pages of the Senate and House of Representatives website to get contact information for the committees dealing with the issue.

The agency that maintains this website does not have a policymaking role, and such a message sent through the TLO website feedback form will not reach members or committees of the legislature.

To find out how to use Texas Legislature Online or to find other resources for legislative information:
  1. Use the Help function. A link to the Help function is located on each page of the Texas Legislature Online website on the red tab in the upper right corner.
  2. Check the FAQ page to see if your question is covered there.
  3. Check the The Legislative Process in Texas.
  4. If the resources above do not help, use the Texas Legislature Online form to ask your question. DO NOT request legal opinions or legal assistance. Such requests will not receive a response.

To report technical problems or make suggestions or comments related to the Texas Legislature Online website:
Use the Texas Legislature Online form.